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Ranking the Most Relevant NCAA Players to Watch

Top Three Players Ready to Take Over NBA

Making it to the NBA seems like a war. There are a lot of young players with the same hunger and same dreams chasing the impossible. The NBA Draft only has 60 spots each year. If we consider that there’s a total of 30 teams in the league, only 2% of the players eligible to enter will earn an opportunity to get the golden ticket.

March Madness brings together the best college basketball teams in the land. It’s definitely the opportunity to shine and get that spot in the draft. Some players have been putting pressure lately with impressive performances throughout the season. We’ll give you some free game and tell you about our top three March Madness Predictions.

Ranking the Most Relevant NCAA Players to Watch
Ranking the Most Relevant NCAA Players to Watch

Miller Incomparable Skills

  • Brandon Miller (Alabama):

The freshman is posting 18.8 points and 8.2 rebounds per game. Miller is undoubtedly Alabama’s best player and one of the best D1 players right now. If you ask me, we’ll hear Miller’s name in the 2023 NBA draft, easily a top-five pick. Alabama’s forward was instrumental in trying to lead his team to its first final four ever, being eliminated by San Diego State in the Sweet 16 round.

Miller has some interesting skills, mostly in his offense. He can shoot over many wings of his size, manage the mid-range and always does well in the post. Due to his height (6’9), Miller is a menace on the perimeter, getting contested shots and rebounds thanks to his athleticism and very good length. He’s not the most explosive player, but if he gets hot, this kid will destroy your favorite team.

  • Trayce Jackson-Davis (Indiana):

The 6’9” forward is averaging 20.9 points and 10.8 rebounds per game, some monstrous numbers for this season. Jackson has spent four years playing college basketball, so of course, he’s ready for the NBA. He’s also averaging three blocks per game, playing some great defense and exhibiting outrageous skills with the putbacks on the offense.

Indiana’s center keeps improving his playmaking, going from 39 to 109 assists over the last three years. If he stays on the same route, Jackson-Davis could be one of the most complete players in the league. He can use his athleticism to punish rivals, adding to his passing skills and post-offense. Surely he has some Draymond Green type of abilities.

  • Zach Edey (Purdue):

Averaging 22.3 points and 12.9 rebounds per game, Edey is the dream center. He was a crucial part of the Purdue Big-Ten championship this season. Edey is a dominant big player at 7’4” and nearly 300 pounds and the media is starting to compare him with Yao Ming.

According to college basketball news, the Boilermakers were a No.1 seed this year and maybe the biggest upset this March Madness, getting knocked out by Fairleigh Dickinson University (16). Edey is a solid prospect for the NBA draft with a great post-position offense and even better defense and rebounding. He also has crazy footwork and a soft touch, so he should be ready to hit the league and prove his talent.

His major strength is the defense, his offense needs a little bit more mobility, and that’s the main difference between him and Jackson-Davis. Overall, Edey is a better player; he’s more dominant and finishes a lot more of his possessions.

The Next Big Thing

Some of the biggest talents are not even playing in the NCAA. With the Overtime Elite popping up lately, a big piece of the cake is playing right there. The draft race is getting tight. If we look at the mock drafts, Brandon Miller is the only college player on the top five picks and one of the favorites on NCAA basketball odds.

As previously mentioned and hyped up by yours truly, the no. 1 pick is Victor Wembanyama, the French center has become a celebrity since the media went crazy for him. “Wemby” is a generational talent and one of the best prospects in a long time.

The game changes more and more every year. There are a lot of projects and leagues getting attention and budget, meaning they can give players better conditions. The NCAA is slowly losing relevance and will need some updates to keep its reputation.

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