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When Does College Basketball Start: Ringing in the Season with the Opening Tip-Off

Am I the only one who can’t wait for the college basketball season to start? For those wondering when college basketball starts, the answer is just around the corner. The 2024 college basketball season is set to begin during the week of November 4th, marking the start of months filled with thrilling games, buzzer-beaters, and unforgettable moments. While programs won’t officially release their schedules until later this calendar year, hoops fans can expect that most teams will open the regular season during the first half of November. Once the schedules are released, BetUS will drop the college basketball lines as well.

There’s something magical about the start of college basketball season. It’s a time when every team, from the blue-blood powerhouses to the plucky mid-majors, believes they have a shot at March glory. The squeak of sneakers on polished floors, the swish of a perfect three-pointer, and the roar of student sections – these are the sounds that signal the return of one of America’s most beloved sports traditions.

The 2024 college basketball season starts the Week of November 4th. Sarah Stier/Getty Images/AFP
The 2024 college basketball season starts the Week of November 4th. Sarah Stier/Getty Images/AFP


Where is the Final Four 2025?

The Final Four is the pinnacle of the college basketball season, where the best teams in the nation compete for the championship. In 2025, the Final Four will be held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. This iconic venue has hosted the Final Four multiple times, most recently in 2018, and is known for its electric atmosphere and capacity to hold over 70,000 fans.

San Antonio is a city rich in basketball history and culture, making it the perfect backdrop for the culmination of the college basketball season. Fans can expect a weekend filled with excitement, from the thrilling semifinal games to the championship showdown. The Alamodome’s central location also makes it accessible for fans traveling from all over the country, ensuring a diverse and passionate crowd.


How Many Conferences Are There In College Basketball?

College basketball is a sprawling landscape, with over 350 Division I teams competing in 32 conferences. Each conference has its own unique flavor, rivalries, and traditions. From the blue bloods of the ACC and Big Ten to the up-and-comers of the Mountain West and West Coast Conference, there’s no shortage of diversity and excitement in college basketball.

The conferences play a crucial role in determining which teams make it to the NCAA Tournament. Each conference crowns its own champion, and the best teams from each conference are awarded automatic bids to the Big Dance. This creates a sense of urgency and excitement throughout the season as teams jockey for position and fight for their chance to compete on the national stage.


How Many Quarters Are In Men’s College Basketball?

Alright, hoop heads, pop quiz time! How many quarters are in a men’s college basketball game? If you answered “four,” well… you might want to stick to your day job instead of sports betting. Here’s the kicker: men’s college basketball doesn’t play quarters at all!

While the NBA and women’s college basketball break their games into quarters, men’s college hoops marches to the beat of its own drum. Instead of quarters, men’s college basketball games are divided into two 20-minute halves. It’s like the game is saying, “Why take four breaks when you can take one big one in the middle?”

This two-half format adds a unique flavor to the college game. It changes the rhythm, the strategy, and even how fatigue plays a factor. Coaches have to be more judicious with their timeouts, and players need to pace themselves differently. It’s part of what makes college basketball its own animal, distinct from the pro game.

Now, you might be wondering, “When does college basketball season start, and will they ever change this format?” Well, the season typically kicks off in early November, and as for the format – don’t hold your breath. This two-half system is as much a part of college basketball tradition as pep bands and student sections.

So next time you’re settling in for a college hoops marathon, remember: it’s not about counting quarters, it’s about making every minute of those two action-packed halves count!


How Can I Watch NCAA Basketball in the UK?

For fans across the pond wondering how to catch all the NCAA basketball action, there are several options available. The primary way to watch NCAA basketball in the UK is through streaming services that offer access to American sports networks. Here are a few options:


ESPN Player

ESPN Player is a subscription-based service that provides live and on-demand coverage of NCAA basketball games. It offers a comprehensive package that includes regular-season games, conference tournaments, and the NCAA Tournament. ESPN Player is available on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, making it easy to watch games on the go.


BT Sport

BT Sport is another excellent option for UK fans. The network has a partnership with ESPN, allowing it to broadcast a selection of NCAA basketball games throughout the season. BT Sport is available through various TV packages and also offers a streaming service for those who prefer to watch online.


NCAA March Madness Live

For the ultimate college basketball experience, the NCAA March Madness Live app is a must-have. This app provides live streaming of all NCAA Tournament games, including the Final Four and National Championship. While the app is primarily geared towards American audiences, UK fans can access it using a VPN service to bypass regional restrictions.

There you have it college hoops fans. Come back soon to get the latest details on when your favorite NCAA basketball team’s season tips off.

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