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Best Games on NCAAF Schedule, By Month

Best Games on NCAAF Schedule, By Month

It is almost time. We are inching closer and closer to the first month of college football, which opens up more NCAA odds. With the season officially starting in August and many games set to be played, here are some of the top ones to watch every month.

1. August

Notre Dame vs Navy, Aug. 26

In August, there are not a lot of choices, given that there are 18 games. Week 0 will start on August 26, while Week 1 officially begins on August 31. That does not leave a lot of options for that month’s best game or possible options in College Football odds.

Best Games on NCAAF Schedule, By Month
Caleb Williams #13 of the USC Trojans - Tom Pennington/Getty Images/afp

However, Notre Dame facing the Navy in Dublin, Ireland, is something to get excited about. It is the opening game of the whole season, so that alone is a reason to be locked in. On top of that, when the teams met last season, the Midshipmen surprised the Fighting Irish by making the game close. Notre Dame won 35-32, far from the original College Football spread of -16.5.

2. September

Texas at Alabama, Sept. 9

Sometimes the early weeks of the college football season can be slow. Teams are starting to figure themselves out, and conference matchups have yet to start. A matchup between Texas and Alabama in Week 2, on September 9, is undoubtedly a game that can shake things up.

Texas will soon switch to the SEC, making the matchup between these schools more regular. However, for now, it is a game between two of the best recruiting programs in the nation. The game is bound to headline early College Football news. Last season, the schools met with the Crimson Tide pulling out a 20-19 win.

Honorable Mentions:

South Carolina vs UNC, Sept. 2

Rivalry games in Week 1 can often be overlooked, but this one between potential up-and-coming teams should be exciting.

Ohio State at Notre Dame, Sept. 23

Whenever historic programs, likely to be ranked in the Top 10 this season, face one another, it is something to watch.

3. October

Texas vs Oklahoma, Oct. 7

Texas versus Oklahoma is one of the top rivalries in college football. That makes it one of the most exciting games of any season and a top option for college football picks. The programs will be moving to the SEC next season. With it being the final game that the Longhorns and Sooners will play while being a part of the Big 12, it could add a little extra motivation.

Last season, the game was a blowout for Texas, winning 49-0. There is no chance that Oklahoma will let that happen again.

Honorable Mentions:

USC at Notre Dame, Oct. 14
In its own right, this game is a premiere rivalry in College Football, featuring the reigning Heisman winner, USC quarterback Caleb Williams, who is favored to repeat.

Georgia vs Florida, Oct. 28
Georgia is the defending National Champions and doesn’t have the most demanding schedule, but facing rival Florida will be a test for the Dawgs.

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4. November

Ohio State at Michigan, Nov. 25

When the end of November nears, and it is finally time for Ohio State to face Michigan, it quickly becomes a college football fan’s best Saturday. It is the biggest and most electric rivalry in the nation, amplified by how it could affect college football predictions. Both were in the College Football Playoffs last year and seemed set up to repeat that.

Last year’s matchup was the first time the Wolverines beat the Buckeyes in Columbus since 2000. They also won 45-23, the second straight victory by a large margin for Michigan.

Honorable Mentions:

  • LSU at Alabama, Nov. 4
    With how good each school is projected to be, there is a good chance that this game decides who is in the SEC Championship Game.
  • UCLA at USC, Nov. 18
    The end of the college football season can sometimes be so chaotic due to all the intense rivalry games, and this is another one in the mix.
  • Alabama at Auburn, Nov. 25
    Another massive in-state rivalry matchup in the SEC, being is something bettors and fans should always look out for in the Iron Bowl.

5. December/January

It is finally the end of the college football season. In these months, the Conference Championship Games, Bowl Games, and College Football Playoffs are played. While it is hard to predict what teams will be playing, just about every game should be exciting.

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