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Live Betting Guide: Are You Ready for Some Football?

With college football Week 0 in the books, it is time to look ahead to this upcoming Saturday when the season picks up with action nationwide.

Until now, this feature has focused solely on live betting using MLB odds. But, with football season just days away, it’s time to shift gears and mix in some in-play college football betting tips.

Live Betting Guide: Are You Ready for Some Football?
Caleb Williams #13 of the USC Trojans walks off the field/Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images/AFP

Quick Tips for Live Betting College Football

The first tip is to decide what types of bets you want to make before the game starts. When live betting on football, going in with a plan is critical. Just because live betting occurs at the moment doesn’t mean you must wait until then to research.

Having a good feeling about each team’s tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses is essential. For example, say USC and Duke are playing a hypothetical game this weekend. USC has the best-rushing defense in the red zone, while Duke struggles to score inside the 20. The odds for Duke to score may soar if they get close to the end zone, but you can bet against that outcome knowing how bad they are at punching TDs in. It’s a basic example, but you get the idea.

Secondly, make sure you actually watch the game and not just the stat tracker. This is important because college football live betting isn’t just about monitoring the stats but also getting a feel for what is happening in the game. Maybe you see something like a limping lineman or a player who looks wobbly after taking a big hit. If you are fast enough, you can capitalize on things like this. But only if you watch and pay attention to the college football lines as they move up and down with the action.

My final tip is not to use live betting to chase profits. Not every bet you make on college football is going to work out. Most will lose. That is just the nature of sports betting.

You have to take losses on the chin and move on.

You should not make blind live bets on a game just because you lost a few bucks earlier in the day. Chasing is never suitable for sustained profits because you are betting on a game you haven’t taken the time to handicap. The College Football odds may be good, but you haven’t done the work to justify a wager.

Just cut your losses and live to bet another day.

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Live Betting MLB Games After a Rain Delay

I realize this is a pretty specific situation to watch for, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable. As the Wild Card race tightens, I’ve been watching more baseball recently and noticed a lot of rain delays in recent weeks. I started to think about how it could be profitable to bet for or against specific teams during an extended delay when the starting pitcher is removed.

Basically, this is handicapping bullpens, something we often discuss in this weekly update. But I never thought about how useful it could be when a terrible bullpen is forced to step up and perform earlier than expected.

As the season draws to a close, these rainy games will also get colder and more miserable. We will see some snow, too as well.

The way I look at it, if you are a reliever on a team with a terrible bullpen, you’re already not making the playoffs, and now you have to pitch when it’s wet, cold, and awful. I don’t see a lot of guys stepping up and hurling gems in these situations.

As this is ongoing research, I don’t have any hard stats to go off of. However, I will monitor these games’ results and report any significant findings.

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