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NCAAF Conferences: Pac-12

The 2023 season will be the last with the current Pac-12 schools, with UCLA and USC out the door by the time the 2024 football season begins.

With a media rights deal still not finalized and realignment talks constantly evolving, more teams could be exiting in the near future as well, with Colorado and Arizona predicted to be the next two to leave the conference.

NCAAF Conferences: Pac-12
A general view of play between the Colorado Buffaloes and the USC Trojans - Ronald Martinez/Getty Images/AFP

However, until that happens, the Pac-12 remains a 12-team conference, dropping to 10 by 2024 when the two California schools head for the Big Ten. The teams that will remain are Arizona, Arizona State, California, Colorado, Stanford, Utah, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, and Washington State.

The conference used to be split up into North and South divisions, but the Pac-12 eliminated those ahead of the 2022 season. The two teams with the best winning percentage now compete in the conference championship game to determine the Pac-12 champion.

According to college football odds, that team will be USC one more time in its final season in the conference, as the Trojans have +200 odds to win. Oregon is a strong runner-up, with NCAA football odds giving the Ducks +290 odds to win the conference.

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Though there are many ways to bet on college football, a futures bet is the only way to bet on who will win the conference.

A Pac-12 futures bet, the same as any college football futures bet, is usually represented by positive numbers, with the lower the positive number indicating the greater the favorite.

Bettors can also bet on Pac-12 football games once the season kicks off, with the moneyline, point spread, and total being the three main bets.

The moneyline is a wager on who the bettor believes will win the game, while the point spread is how much the bettor believes a team will win or lose.

For the point spread, the sportsbook will give a number, with the favored team having to win by more than that to cover the spread. The underdog will either have to win outright or lose by less than the given number to cover.

Finally, the total is the combined number of points bettors believe teams will score in a game. If they believe teams will score more than the number given by the college football lines, they take the over, while they take the opposite if they predict they will score less than that.

Prop bets are another opportunity for bettors to get involved in regular-season betting, and include bets on certain events or player performances that will happen in a game.

In order for bettors to get the most out of their wager, they should do some research on the players and teams they are betting on to gain some knowledge, no matter the type of bet they choose.


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