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Newcomer Among Big 12 Teams to Fall Under W/L Projections

Last season, the Big 12 underwent the start of massive changes, adding four new teams in BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston. This offseason, the conference added four new teams again, this time from the now-dissolved Pac-12: Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah. That is bound to change some of the college football lines on win totals for some teams.

The Big 12 has added eight new teams primarily because it lost two of its most prominent teams this offseason. Texas and Oklahoma left the Big 12 for the SEC, creating a power vacuum at the top of the conference.

Newcomer Among Big 12 Teams to Fall Under W/L Projections
Quarterback Jaden Rashada #5 of the Arizona State Sun Devils/Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP

Some new teams will have a chance to fill the void left by Texas and Oklahoma while others will struggle in the conference. Furthermore, tougher schedules could also affect some teams from the Big 12. This could make some teams solid options to hit the under for betting this season.


Arizona State Sun Devils (4.5 Wins)

Yes, this line is already low for a Power Five school, but Arizona State has struggled recently, even in the Pac-12. The Sun Devils’ issues have come to a head during the previous two seasons with back-to-back 3-9 records, and they likely won’t improve in 2024.

Arizona State struggled in the Pac-12, which was not one of the best Power Five conferences. In the Big 12, it could be even more challenging for the Sun Devils. Even while trying to use the transfer portal to bolster the roster before heading into the new conference, Arizona State needs to do more.

The Sun Devils’ schedule makes it hard to see them getting many wins during conference play. Even during non-conference play, they didn’t get the easiest matchups to start the season. Arizona State will start its season against Wyoming and Mississippi State, which are challenging games for a team already filled with questions.


Houston Cougars (4.5 Wins)

Houston’s first season in the Big 12 did not go so well. The Cougars finished with a 4-8 record last season, going 2-7 in conference play. They also managed to avoid playing Oklahoma on their schedule last season, which should have led to a better record.

However, even with Oklahoma no longer in the Big 12, Houston will oddly face them in Week 2 in a non-conference matchup. That is part of a tough schedule for the Cougars, making it harder for the team to hit the over this season. In back-to-back weeks, they will face the two favorites to win the Big 12, Utah and Kansas State, but they will get to do so at home.

Furthermore, Utah and Arizona are the top two teams joining the Big 12 this season from the Pac-12, with Houston facing both. With Kansas and Iowa State also on the Cougars’ schedule, they are not going to be favored in many games.

In what seemed like toss-up games last season, the Cougars could not pull out wins, and they might struggle again in 2024. That, along with a more challenging schedule than last season, leads to Houston likely hitting the under.


West Virginia Mountaineers (6.5 Wins)

This might be one of the hardest additions to this list. Last season, West Virginia had a solid season. The Mountaineers finished the regular season with an 8-4 record and even won a bowl game. However, they also have one of the most difficult schedules in the Big 12, which is going to be hard for them to overcome.

The biggest issue for the Mountaineers this season is their schedule. They have arguably one of the toughest schedules, which starts with Penn State and also features Pitt among its non-conference games.

That is before West Virginia faces Kansas, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Kansas State, Arizona, UCF and Texas Tech. All those teams have a higher win total lines set than the Mountaineers and are expected to do better than them.

Many of those games could shift in college football odds, but it is hard to bet on a team to have seven wins with a schedule like that. West Virginia may still fight in every game, but it will have to pull off a few big wins to hit the over, making it an option to bet the under. The Mountaineers have a good team and may win some tough matchups, but there are still too many toss-up games.



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