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College Football Picks & Predictions

When it comes to finding the best college football picks, the expert collegiate gridiron analysts at BetUS take a back seat to no one. Whether you prefer betting on big-time bowl games or intriguing regular-season matchups, BetUS is the online leader when it comes to dropping bankroll-boosting College Football Betting knowledge.

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At BetUS, we understand that not everyone shares the same favorite college football team or favorite conference. That’s why we offer NCAAF odds and picks on plenty of different games, not just the typical Power Five conferences.

When it comes to betting on college football, you can trust that our betting experts have the knowledge and put in extensive research to bring you the best NCAAF picks for your wagers. From the regular season to bowl games and the college football playoff, BetUS has plenty of knowledge for college football betting odds.

Not only do our college football analysts make picks on the typical big three bets in the moneyline, point spread and total, but BetUS offers picks on prop bets and futures as well.

Straight-up picks: The most straightforward of picks, sometimes there’s a case to take the underdog, offering more value for bettors on the moneyline.

Point spread picks: Betting against the spread isn’t easy, but it can offer more return for bettors than a straight-up pick.

Totals: Bet the over or bet the under? Sometimes betting the team or game totals is more advantageous than making a straight-up pick.

Props: Prop bets are fun and can offer a strong payout if you parlay enough wins together by betting on how a player will perform or certain game outcomes.

Futures: Futures are a tougher prediction, but BetUS offers advice for the changing lines on potential college football playoff winners and individual award winners as well.

Our picks may not always hit, but BetUS can ensure it will do plenty of research to give bettors the best information available to place their wagers. Take our advice or fade us if you disagree, but either way, place your bets online at the sportsbook. Whichever you choose, our picks on many different college football matchups will be here for a quick read.


  • How do NCAAF betting lines work?

There are three main types of betting in college football: the moneyline, point spread and totals. The moneyline has the bettor predict who will win the game, while the point spread is a wager on how much the favored team will win by. Totals, meanwhile, can be a prediction on the combined points both teams will score or how many points one team will score.

  • What is the moneyline in sports betting?

The moneyline is an NCAAF pick on who bettors believe will win a matchup. College football odds will represent the favored team with negative odds while positive odds indicate an underdog. The corresponding number is the potential payout, with negative odds representing how much one must bet to win $100, while positive odds are how much a $100 wager would win.

  • Where can I find free NCAAF expert picks?

BetUS offers plenty of free NCAAF expert picks in our Locker Room under the college football section.