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Team Backer - Home Plate

Think you're the biggest baseball fan on earth? Prove it! The Home Plate contest is now open - simply choose your team and you'll get credit for betting on that team's games. Bet on at least one of your team's games each week (minimum $25 risk amount) and you'll get a sweet Free Play for the 2019 World Series!

Here's how it works: The pro-baseball Regular Season consists of 162 games played over the course of a full season. All you have to do is bet on your team at least once a week to win! If you bet on all weeks, you'll receive a $500 Free Play. Bet on all weeks minus one and you'll receive a $250 Free Play. Bet on at all weeks minus two and you'll receive a $100 Free Play. Remember, you don't need to win your bet - just backing your team shows us you deserve to be rewarded!

Any weeks beyond Week 25 will only count towards improving your score to 25. There are no additional prizes for players that choose to bet more than the required 25 weeks. Missing any week beyond Week 25 will not count against you.

$500 World Series Free Play
$250 World Series Free Play
$100 World Series Free Play

Terms and Conditions

  • Your team bet will show as a valid pick once all baseball bets have been graded. In most cases, this will be on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Only one entry per account and household.
  • A "week" for Home Plate runs from Sunday - Saturday.
  • Customers must have made at least one real money deposit since January 1, 2019 in order to be eligible for prizes.
  • To begin the contest, simply choose your team from the drop down menu of professional baseball teams. This will be known as “your team”.
  • Once you have chosen your team, you may not change it for the duration of the contest.
  • Each week, place at least one real money wager of at least $25, meaning the risk amount must be at least $25, on “your team’s” game.
  • The above wager must be on the point spread, money line or total of said game.
  • Multi-game parlays do not count towards your entry for the Home Plate contest.
  • For contest purposes, it does not matter what side of the wager you take (ie. You do not need to bet on your team), just that the wager is placed on the game your team is playing in.
  • Bet results are not factored into the contest – Wins, Losses and Pushes all carry equal weight and are considered valid.
  • More than one wager on “your team’s” game do not carry over – each week only one bet is needed for contest purposes.
  • The Grand Prize is credited for wagering on at least one game per week during the regular season. Second place is every week minus one, while third place is every week minus two.
  • Free Play will be credited within 48 hours of the pro-baseball World Series odds being posted.
  • Free Play prize is given in the form of Free Play with a 10x rollover and a five-time max-withdrawal.
  • In order to claim a prize, a player must have made a real money deposit and real money wager during the winning month.
  • All contest winners are subject to account audits to review adherence to all BetUS.com.pa rules and regulations, if a player's account is not in good standing that player is subject to immediate disqualification.
  • The Home Plate Contest closes after the final game of the 2019 regular season.
  • Postseason games do NOT count towards a Home Plate Contest entry.