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Go on a Streak - Get Free Cash!

Got what it takes to be the Court King? If you've got the hot betting hand, you'll get a huge freeplay prize for 15, 20 or 25 wins in a row!

$500 Free Play
$2,500 Free Play
$5,000 Free Play

Terms and Conditions

  • Court King is a contest where entrants are rewarded for making consecutive correct Pro and College Basketball wagers. Prizes will be awarded for fifteen (15) consecutive correct wagers, twenty (20) consecutive correct wagers and twenty-five (25) consecutive correct wagers.
  • Contest begins on October 22, 2020 and closes after the final regular season game to reach the prize levels with no minimum or maximum amount of wagers per day.
  • In order to register for the contest, you must have made at least one (1) real-money deposit since August 1, 2020.
  • Contest is only for Pro and College Basketball regular season games. Other sports will not be included in the promotion.
  • You must make a selection on a game played within 7 days of your previous selection or your score will be reset to zero
  • All wagers must be a minimum $10 real-money wager with no maximum.
  • All streaks are based on the time the wager is graded not placed.
  • Only wagers placed on the Point Spread and Game Totals will count towards your win streak.
  • Wagers that include buying points are not counted towards a streak
  • All wagers must be straight wagers based on the complete game.
  • Team Totals, Moneylines, Parlays, Teasers, Pleasers, Reverses, If-Bets, Props, Etc… do not qualify for the contest and will have no affect on the any streak regardless of the outcome.
  • Multiple winning wagers on a single game will only count as one win towards any streak.
  • Live betting wagers do not count towards this contest.
  • Any losing wager on the Point Spread and/or Game Totals will end your streak. Your next streak will begin as soon as your next winning wager is settled.
  • All winning accounts are subject to review and must be in good standing to be eligible for prizes.
  • If any deposits are rejected or disputed during this contest you will not be eligible for prizes.
  • Applicable prizes will be credited after account check. Please allow up to 48 hours for prize to be credited.
  • Free Plays come with a 10x rollover and a one-time max-withdrawal.
  • $25,000 is the total prize pool for this contest.
  • Any questions about the $25,000 Court King contest? Call your Account Manager and find out all the latest info!