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Survivor Pool - $25 Entry

Think you got what it takes?

Pick a team to win straight up every week. If they win, you advance to the next week. If they lose, try again until you're eliminated!

The player that survives the longest is the ultimate BetUS Survivor!

Did we mention that it's winner take all?!

Terms and Conditions

  • Players must pay a $25 real money registration fee from their available BetUS balance.
  • Only one entry per contest is permitted.
  • Registration opens on August 20, 2019 and closes on September 9, 2019.
  • If no winner is decided before the end of the regular season, the contest ends on the last day of the 2019-2020 Pro Football regular season on December 29, 2019.
  • Every week, players must select one team to win straight up.
  • A team can only be picked once throughout the duration of the contest. If a player is registered to multiple contests, one contest has no impact on the other.
  • If the selected team wins or ties, the player advances to the next week.
  • If the selected team loses, the player is eliminated from the contest.
  • A player can re-buy into the contest only once.
  • Re-buys can only be performed the week following elimination.
  • Re-buy must be completed no later than five minutes before the Pro Football Monday Night Football game of the week (or the last game of the week). If a player does not re-buy by then, they cannot re-enter the contest.
  • The final day to re-buy is September 30, 2019. Players that are eliminated during or after Week 4 can no longer re-buy.
  • The player that survives the longest will receive the entire prize pool.
  • Prize(s) will be credited within 72 hours of the winner(s) being decided.
  • Prizes are paid out in real money to the BetUS account.
  • There is no rollover attached to this prize. However, if the winning player has an existing rollover, said rollover must be completed before any funds can be withdrawn from the account.
  • In the event of a tie, all surviving players at the end of the Pro Football regular season will split the prize pool evenly.
  • 10% of the registration fee and re-buys will be collected by BetUS at the end of the contest. All other funds will remain in the total prize pool.
  • Picks must be submitted no later than 10 minutes before the final game of current week. If both teams have been previously selected, picks must be submitted while a selectable team is on the board.
  • If a player does not submit their pick before the deadline, they will be eliminated.
  • Games for the following week will become available by noon every Tuesday.
  • Prize winners will be notified via secure account message and/or email.
  • Any claims regarding scoring or any other contest-related issue must be made within 72 hours.
  • All contest winners are subject to account audits to review adherence to all BetUS rules and regulations. If a player's account is not in good standing, that player is subject to immediate disqualification.
  • A player's account must remain open throughout the entirety of the contest in order to claim a prize.
  • Once a player registers to any of the pools, no refunds of the buy-in or re-buy amounts will be performed.