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2022 NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship

Everything you Need to Know for the Competition

The 2022 National Cheer Association (NCA) and National Dance Association (NDA) Collegiate National Championship is in full swing at Daytona Beach, Florida. The massive competition showcases more than 300 universities and 8,000 participants runs through Saturday.

The NCA & NDA championship only continues to grow in popularity thanks to the show on Netflix, “Cheer.” This is a documentary series that follows Navarro College and Trinity Valley Community College — two of the best cheerleading teams in the country.

2022 NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship

Unfortunately, the cheerleading and dance competition will not be on television but it can be streamed on Varsity TV.

The NCA & NDA’s rich history makes this event one of the best college cheerleading and dance championships, along with the UCA and UDA.

History of the NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship

It started when Lawrence Herkimer created the National Cheer Association in 1948. The NCA introduced cheering camps in 1951, which exploded with popularity.

The NDA is a sister company of the NCA that represents dance instead of cheerleading. This started in 1976 as the NCA Superstar, which was made to separate cheer and dance. The NCA Superstar was changed to what we now know as the National Dance Association (NDA) in 1999.

2022 NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship
Lawrence Herkimer (Los Angeles Times)

The NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship competition began in 1995. This year’s competition marks the 26th anniversary of the special event; Daytona Beach has played host to every competition.

Overall, the NCA and NDA championship is a standalone event that separates itself from the traditional UCA and UDA.

Categories and Competition for 2022 NCA & NDA Championship

The NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship comprises five main events. The most popular event is the general cheer competition. In addition, there is a general competition for dance.

There is also a NCA & NDA Game Day division that focuses on traditional sideline cheering. The Spirit Rally division focuses on crowd-leading skills for cheer. Another special event is the NCA Partner Stunt, Group Stunt, which includes three differing events. There is the partner stunt, group stunt, and a competition for mascots.

The NCA & NDA championship is massive with its numerous events and competitors. Each competition has several divisions, such as the advanced large coed junior college division and advanced large coed division.

The junior college division is one to keep an eye on. This division includes only two teams: Trinity Valley cheer and Navarro cheer. Both of these teams have been featured on Netflix’s “Cheer” documentary. This is a bitter rivalry that has gone on for 26 years since the NCA & NDA national championship started.

2022 NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship

Led by Head Coach Vontae Johnson, TVCC cheer team won the NCA championship last year. Trinity Valley cheer’s road to a national title was documented in season 2 of “Cheer.”

Navarro has won 14 NCA junior college titles while TVCC has 12. These squads are also posting scores that are contending with all teams in the field. Among 89 teams in 2021, TVCC had the second-highest score while Navarro placed third.

With hundreds of teams competing in the NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship, it is difficult to pinpoint a handful of teams. However, if there is one particular division to keep an eye on it is TVCC vs. Navarro.

The 2022 NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship is one sporting event worth checking out. With hundreds of teams and thousands of competitors, this is an unpredictable and exciting event for cheer and dance. Catch the NCA & NDA championship on Varsity TV.