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4 Ways to Bet on Squid Game Season 2

We’re all looking forward to the new season of Squid Game, and there are entertainment betting markets available.

If you haven’t watched the first season, some spoilers are coming, but that’s your fault.

4 Ways to Bet on Squid Game Season 2
The entrance to "Squid Game: The Trials based on the Netflix show "Squid Games,"/Robyn Beck / AFP


1. Winning Number

Seong Gi-Hun won season one as the last entrant, number 456, so we’re going to stick with a number in that range.

Bettors can bet on 1-227 or 228-456, with both options paying -120 at the sportsbook.

There is no exact science in picking 228-456, but we have a sneaky suspicion that Gi-Hun or Hwang Jun-Ho could enter as one of the last entrants again.

We would love for Jun-Ho to enter to get closer to Hwang In Ho, so that could be a potential storyline for Season 2.


2. Will Front Man Be Apprehended

The Front Man isn’t an overly important character in terms of making a season three, so we see no reason why he wouldn’t be apprehended.

Questions could be asked of him, which could help Gi-Hun and Jun-Ho find answers about the Squid Game.

It would help the storyline along, and The Front Man doesn’t have much of a future on the island.

Take the +170 for him to get apprehended by authorities, and online betting markets also have +250 available for Jun-Ho to arrest The Front Man, which is also worth snapping up.


3. Red Light, Green Light

By now, everyone knows what Red Light, Green Light is.

It’s a great game for young and old, but make sure you’re using Nerf guns and not the real thing.

Betting online markets have a -400 price for Red Light, Green Light being played in the new season, and it has to be there.

It’s a modern cultural icon, and it does well to wipe out about half the contestants, so we’re including it in our Squid Game selections.

It should be the first game played, so look out for it early.


4. Will Jun-Ho Officially Enter a Competition?

We would love to see Jun-Ho enter Squid Game, so we’re locking in the +500 odds.

He’s currently running a covert operation to get closer to the leaders of the Squid Game, but entering could allow him to infiltrate the compound even further.

We expect Jun-Ho to be a focus point of the writers, more so than Gi-Hun, who is set at +160 odds to enter and win another Squid Game competition.

Gi-Hun is a great bet to enter the competition, and if he does, bettors should expect to see variations of the games played.

Back both options with entertainment odds, get the popcorn ready and enjoy what should be another crazy season of the hit South Korean Netflix show.


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