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Bet on Snubbed Academy Award Categories

You Won’t See These Awards Handed Out on TV

To streamline the Academy Awards, they have decided to cut important categories from the live broadcast.

With viewership down over 50% in 2021, something needed to change, which meant eight categories getting put to the side. The winners will still get their awards, but without the televised acceptance speeches.

Bet on These Snubbed Academy Award Categories
Bet on These Snubbed Academy Award Categories

Oscars betting odds have markets available for these awards, including live-action short, documentary short, makeup and hairstyling, and film editing.

Best Sound

One of the biggest betting moves has come for “Dune: to win Best Sound and we can’t disagree.

Despite there being a musical in the nominations (“West Side Story”), Dune had by far the best sound.

The futuristic movie had a huge budget and with that comes excellent sound quality. Those who watched it in the cinema can attest and it should have a mortgage on the Best Sound Oscar.

We give credit to West Side Story at +330, but bettors should add the -400 in betting online parlays for Dune, who is close to a lock for the category.

Documentary Short

We love a good sports documentary, so we’re drawn to “The Queen of Basketball.”

The story of Lucia Stewart, who was a pioneer in women’s basketball, is the current -150 favorite to follow in the footsteps of Kobe Bryant’s award-winning animated short.

Bryant won with “Dear Basketball” in 2018, so the Academy loves basketball-related films and that bodes well for “The Queen of Basketball.”

The sportsbook is keeping “Three Songs for Benazir” safe at +160. The Netflix short doesn’t have the best reviews, but it’s a film the Academy typically rewards. However, we think the sports-based film made a slam dunk in Hollywood.

Film Editing

“Dune” is once again the favorite at -225, but we’re picking a slight upset with “The Power of the Dog.”

The New Zealand film was edited to perfection, and although it doesn’t have flashy visuals of “Dune,” that doesn’t often mean much in this category.

Films like the “Social Network,” “Whiplash” and “The English Patient” have won best film editing, so it’s up for grabs.

We thought the editing with the Best Picture favorite was stunning, so the +175 is well worth taking.

Makeup and Hairstyling

All eyes are on “The Eyes of Tammy Faye,” which had its fair share of makeup and styling, but we’re going with something out of left-field.

“House of Gucci” was visually appealing from that perspective and it could win the Oscar at much better odds.

It’s paying +600 to win the Oscar, as opposed to the -190 available with “The Eyes of Tammy Faye.”

It’s not the most popular betting market for the Academy Awards, but there is value to be snapped up. We thought the makeup production for Lady Gaga and Jared Leto was nothing short of brilliant, so the film deserves credit.

Getting Leto’s hair to resemble that of his character Cousin Paolo was the biggest task set for Swedish makeup effects guru Goran Lundstrom.

“Jared turned 50 last year,” Lundström told Filmschoolprojects. “He doesn’t have anything physically that says that he’s 50. He looks so young. His hair is so thick. His hair was so long. I’ve never seen a man with that much hair. And you would go, ‘Okay, this is going to be a problem.’ And then, I met him on the first day, and I went like, ‘Oh, I knew his hair was long, but I didn’t know it was this thick. Where do we hide this hair?’”

That alone should see House of Gucci shorter in the market to win the award.

Live-Action Short

The “Long Goodbye” runs for only 12 minutes, but it manages to pack an entire story into the short film.

It’s a gripping short about a wedding preparation that gets affected by a right-wing march. All hell breaks loose, and despite being so short, you’ll be taken on a ride.

It’s the -250 favorite for a reason and we think the makers have one hand on the Oscar. The film features Riz Ahmed, who made waves in films such as “Sound of Metal,” “Nightcrawler” and the acclaimed HBO series “The Night Of.”

His acting chops alone are good enough to give The Long Goodbye the best live-action short over the likes of “Ala Kachuu Take and Run,” “The Dress” and “On My Mind.”

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