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Betting on Beyonce: We Goin’ Country

Entertainment betting odds are available for a variety of Beyonce-related markets.

The R’n’B-turned country singer has made headlines for her recent releases, which have mixed opinions.

Betting on Beyonce: We Goin’ Country
Beyoncé accepts the Best Dance/Electronic Music Album award, during the 65th GRAMMY Awards/KEVIN WINTER / GETTY IMAGES

We’re happy to put our thoughts on the line for the sake of bettors cashing in with the world’s most recognizable artist.


Include Country Buzzwords

Let’s start by saying we couldn’t have been more disappointed with Beyonce’s two country songs; Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages.

We thought they mocked the country music scene, but they were meant to be serious songs.

Making matters worse, the composition was about as basic as it gets, and Beyonce’s writers felt the need to include buzzwords to pander to country music fans.

There’s nothing worse than when a wannabe country musician adds words like “hoedown, whiskey, and red cup” into a song. It makes us never want to hear the songs again, but luckily for bettors, we can make money out of it.

Our sportsbook has a market for the words used in the title tracks for Renaissance Act II. Headlining our betting lines are “Blue” at +250 and “Roots” at +300.

America” is also at +300 odds, which is a great chance of cashing because Beyonce knows country fans are patriotic.

It makes us cringe, but lock in America at +300 as the best bet.

If you’re wondering how to bet on entertainment, simply head to the Entertainment or Novelty section of our sportsbook and check all the markets available.


Keep It Concise, Beyonce

Renaissance Act I had 16 tracks, but surely she hasn’t loaded Act II with 16 country songs.

The first two songs released are meant to be the strongest, and they are borderline terrible. We simply can’t handle 14 more songs of this nature.

Online betting odds have the track number set at 15½, and we’re taking the under. They have already cashed in on using country samples, and we think having a track list of around 14 songs is appropriate.

We’re not trying to take away from what Beyonce endeavored to achieve. It’s not easy to go from R’n’B to country, which is why it never happens.

Lady Gaga went from pop to an acoustic album, and that was a massive flop. She was at the top of her game, so we’re not sure why record producers give artists creative control in these circumstances.

Under 15½ tracks pays -120, which is a great inclusion to your Beyonce bets.


Beyonce and Lady Gaga Collab?

When Lady Gaga moved into a more country focus, it didn’t translate well with her fans.

We’re not including her country-style of music from the movie A Star is Born, because that wasn’t a Lady Gaga album release.

We’re talking about her album Joanne, where much like Beyonce, she dusted off her sparkles and wore a cowboy hat.

We just don’t buy it, but we do buy a Beyonce and Lady Gaga collaboration in 2024. They are in a similar phase of their musical careers, where they’re searching for answers to why they can’t beat the likes of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus at the Grammys.

Online betting markets have the collab happening at -500. That’s a short quote, and there are talks of it happening.

We expect to see Lady Gaga featuring on a song from Renaissance Act II, so take the short odds.


Smashing the Streams

The current line of total US streams in the first week is 175,000,000½, and we think it smashes that mark.

We can say what we think about the quality of the album, but fans are still going to stream it in droves.

Even critics will stream the album, just to prove their point. Therefore, we’re including the over in our selections.

For context, Midnights by Taylor Swift had 549.26 million US streams in the first week. We expect Beyonce to get somewhere near the 200 million mark.


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