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Don’t Bet on Kim K: Who Will Be Tiger Woods’ Next Girlfriend?

We don’t really care who Tiger Woods will date next, but there is serious money to be made with this futures bet at the sportsbook.


Don't Bet on Kim K: Who Will Be Tiger Woods' Next Girlfriend?
Tiger Woods and Erica Herman| Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images/AFP

Betting markets are available for who will be his next girlfriend, with Kim Kardashian among the favorites.

However, we’re going a different way, and bettors could cash in.


Tiger Loves His Fellow Athletes

We are surprised by the +3000 odds on Woods to date a professional athlete, which is our top pick.

He’s not playing much golf these days, so that could limit his opportunities to meet other athletes. However, Woods tends to prefer athletic women (at least when it comes to being in relationships).

He dated alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn, and we can see him dating another Olympic athlete.

There are no rumors of who he’s eyeing up, but his main focus has been on his son Charlie. However, there will come a time when Woods wants to move on, and he seems to have his life back to normality.

Tiger Woods and Emily Ratajkowski?

It would be one of the strangest pairings of all time, but stranger things have happened, especially in Hollywood.

Emily Ratajkowski is considered one of the most beautiful celebrities, and after splitting from her husband in late 2023, she could be on the hunt for a Tiger.

The 32-year-old is a model and “actress”, and it could only take her and Woods to cross paths for a spark to happen.

There has been some betting support for her at +10000, and those odds could continue to firm, especially if she’s spotted in the wild attending the same event as Woods.

She doesn’t seem his type, but we’re respecting the betting moves.



No Money on Halle Berry

We love Halle Berry, but we can’t invest in the +10000 odds.

If there’s one thing we know about Woods, it’s that he loves younger women. Berry, being 57 years old and nine years older than Woods, doesn’t seem like a good fit.

Of course, we believe they would make a good couple, but Wood has an ego the size of Mount Everest. That ego could be bruised if he were to date someone like Berry.

Berry has also been married twice, and getting together with the troublesome Woods could mark an upcoming third divorce. There are safer bets out there, so avoid Berry in this betting market.

Give Us the Drama, Please!

We’re suckers for a little drama, especially when it comes to the often laughable nature of the celebrity lifestyle.

Therefore, if Woods could date Amber Heard, that would be worth heating up some popcorn and getting ready for the action.

It would be highly unhealthy for both parties, so we don’t actually wish that on them. However, imagine the car wreck, for lack of a better term, if they became a couple.

One has had a high-profile court case with Johnny Deep, and the other is a recovering sexaholic with a DUI charge. It could be a match made in heaven, but we’re unsure if Woods would subject his children to the unhinged.

Getting +10000 at BetUS sportsbook is good enough to sway us, so we can’t help but dip our toes into this betting option.



Questions of the Day

Is Tiger Woods single?

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman split in 2023, which has become a messy breakup with NDAs and legal proceedings.

Who is favored to date Tiger Woods next?

A random waitress is the current favorite at the sportsbook with +2000 odds.


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