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Gaga Betting Favorite to Sing Next James Bond Theme Song

Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa are the leading ladies picked to sing the next James Bond theme song.

Entertainment odds have them at +300, but there has also been money for Raye and Lana del Rey.

Gaga Betting Favorite to Sing Next James Bond Theme Song
US singer-songwriter Lady Gaga | Valerie Macon / AFP

Female singers dominate the market, with the best male artist being Sam Fender at +800, which ranks 10th in the betting lines.

Lady Gaga Fits the Bill

Lady Gaga looks set to continue the trend of powerful female singers taking the honors of singing the James Bond Theme.

Our sportsbook has the controversial singer and actress at +300, and given that the likes of Adele and Shirley Bassey have sung before her, she would make a great leading song for the soundtrack.

She is already established in the movie industry, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see her featured as an actress in a James Bond film soon.

There was talk as early as 2010 for Gaga to sing the theme tune, but they keep passing on her. We think it’s about time that changed.

She’s at the top of betting online markets for a reason, so we’re happy to put her in our selections.

Support Comes for Raye

Raye isn’t the most well-known singer on the list of entertainment betting odds, but she has attracted solid support.

The 26-year-old British singer won the Brit Award for Song of the Year with her debut release, so she’s the new kid on the block.

It helps that she’s British, with James Bond being a British character. Producers have avoided American singers at times, so Raye looks a likely candidate at +350.

The James Bond franchise is trying to shed its stale image, and having Raye singing the theme tune could achieve that goal.

Is Swift a Good Choice?

One of the better-backed chances with sports betting markets is Taylor Swift at +500.

The global superstar has firmed considerably after opening at +900, but will she make for a good James Bond singer?

They are usually powerful ballad singers like Sam Smith, Adele, and Chris Cornell. Therefore, what would Swift sound like?

We can’t imagine it would be a poppy tune, nor will it be a country-sounding song. She doesn’t do power ballads, she simply doesn’t have the voice for it.

The +500 odds are based on her popularity, but we would avoid betting on the Pennsylvanian native.

Give Us Muse

We love a bit of Muse, and the global rock band would sound great as the James Bond theme song artists.

The boys from the UK have some epic songs, which already sound like a Bond theme song. Songs like Knights of Cydonia, Uprising, Starlight, and Super Massive Blackhole would sound great.

Muse has been actively releasing music over the last few years, and although they won’t be the most popular pick, they are British, and their song would make an impact.

They’re also one of the coolest bands in the world, and lead singer Matt Bellamy controls his voice like no other. Bond is cool, and Muse is our value pick at +1200.



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