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Betting on the Golden Trailer Awards: It’s Not a Mission Impossible!

The Golden Trailer Awards honor the best movie previews and trailers, which is certainly in the realm of odd. However, there is money to be made with these betting odds.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One is the favorite to win best action trailer, and it has our money.

Betting on the Golden Trailer Awards: It’s Not a Mission Impossible!
Tom Cruise-Vanessa Kirby, MISSION, IMPOSSIBLE - DEAD RECKONING PARTIE 1/Paramount Pictures - Skydance Me/Collection ChristopheL via AFP


Betting on Action: Mission: Impossible or The Fall Guy?

When it comes to the Mission: Impossible series, the trailers are often better than the movies.

That was the case with Day of Reckoning Part One. The trailer had all the best moments of the movie, and we can’t understand why there needs to be a Part Two.

We’re fairly sure they could have fit everything into one movie, but Hollywood loves a sequel.

Tom Cruise was his usual self in the trailer, doing action stunts and running in only a way Cruise can. There was also the usual beautiful female actress, so it had everything.

That’s why it’s a +220 favorite at the sportsbook over the likes of The Fall Guy, The Beekeeper, and Monkey Man.

The only other chance is The Fall Guy, who showed action and comedy. However, when it comes to pure action, Mission: Impossible is the one to beat.


Bet on the Web: Spider-Man Picked to Win

The award for best animation/family surely has to go to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

The animated movie was a hit with Spiderman fans, and although we’re only talking about a trailer, there was plenty of excitement around it.

It was a much better trailer than Inside Out 2, which was a great idea originally. However, the second installment didn’t hit the mark.

Most of the money has come for Spiderman at +200, and we’re comfortable in betting on the Marvel comic-based feature film.

Other movie trailers in the market are Wonka (+350), If (+350), and Elio (+400). We haven’t even heard of If and Elio, so that adds weight to the favorite.


Not an Oscar, But a Trailer Award for Scorcese

Killers of the Flower Moon didn’t perform as highly as expected at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes, but it was still a quality movie.

The trailer helped set the tone of the Martin Scorcese classic, and we think it has a mortgage on the best drama trailer.

It’s the even-money favorite to beat out Back to Black, and beating the Amy Winehouse movie shouldn’t be too hard.

Everyone knows what to expect from a Winehouse biopic. It has been done before, so the movie was nothing new.

We believe having Leonardo DiCaprio in the trailer is enough to win the honor, so take the short odds and include it in your entertainment parlays.


COD Clear Favorite to Win Best Video Game Trailer

Video game fans go absolutely nuts when trailers drop, so this is an important category.

Leading the best video game trailer odds is Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare III, which should win the prize.

Everyone who loves first-person shooters enjoys playing COD, and although the game was below expectations, the trailer had most fans in raptures.

Game trailers always look better than the actual gameplay, but COD is much better than the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League game, which is a +300 chance.

There is much better value with the favorite at +200, and we can’t see it losing.




Questions Of The Day

Who is the best bet to win a Golden Trailer Award?

Killers of the Flower Moon to win best drama trailer is the best bet for the niche entertainment awards.

What is the best video game trailer?

Call of Duty is the favorite to win best video game trailer and it’s the one to beat given the other options.

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