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Hero to Zero: Top Actors Favored for Golden Raspberries

The Golden Raspberries ‘celebrate’ the worst in film, and there are some top actors nominated for the embarrassing awards.

There are Golden Raspberry betting odds available for March 9. Some of the actors and actresses were being celebrated last now, and now they’re being humiliated.

Hero to Zero: Top Actors Favored for Golden Raspberries
Mel Gibson | Yale Productions - Grand / Collection ChristopheL via AFP

It’s a controversial awards show, but it’s highly entertaining.


Old Boys Headline Worst Supporting Actor

The latest sportsbook odds have Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, and Bill Murray favored to win worst supporting actor.

Stallone is the current +125 favorite for his role in The Expendables, which has always been a terrible action franchise.

It wasn’t long ago when he was nominated for an Academy Award for Creed, so it has been a fall from grace for the famous Rocky actor.

Right on his heels is fellow Hollywood old-head Gibson, who looked out of his depth in Confidential Informant. We’re not sure why Gibson was cast for the role, and it earned him a Golden Raspberry nomination.

Murray is a value pick at +600 for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. A truly terrible Marvel film that’s getting the criticism it deserves.

It’s a competitive market, but take Gibson at +175 with betting online odds. It seems as though he’s forgotten everything he knows about acting.


Voting Panel Hating the Action

The worst actor list features many talented actors, who might need to fire their managers after accepting their roles.

Topping the market is Chris Evans, who had the acting world at his feet when starring as Captain America in the Marvel series. However, his role in Ghosted makes us wish we matched with him and then didn’t ever speak to him again.

It was a terrible performance, which adds weight to our theory that anyone can be a lead actor in a Marvel film. It doesn’t require acting depth, and Evans showed as much in Ghosted.

Russell Crowe’s acting career has been on a steady decline. Gone are the epic acting performances in Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind, and now we welcome his horrific performance in The Pope’s Exorcist.

Even the movie name is enough to turn us off, and we expect better from Crowe. He’s listed at +500 odds to win the Golden Raspberry with entertainment betting odds, which can’t be overlooked.

Firming in the market is action actor Jason Statham for his role in Meg 2, which is about a big shark, to put it simply. A former Olympic diver, Statham’s acting career has taken a dive, and this isn’t a pool he’s talented enough to get out of.

Entertain the +225 odds for Statham.


Rise and Fall of Ana de Armas

Remember way back in 2023 when Ana de Armas was nominated for an Academy Award? It was only a year ago, and what a fall from grace it has been for the Spanish actress.

She was brilliant in Blonde when playing a highly controversial Marilyn Monroe. However, her role in Ghosted was better left unwatched.

The cast of Ghosted also featured Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, and Adrien Brody, so spare a thought for producers who forked out the cash.

Even de Armas couldn’t save this movie, no thanks to her performance as Sadie Rhodes. The girl next door who happens to be a secret agent – wow! That’s a plot twist we didn’t see coming.

When Halle Berry went from winning an Oscar to winning a Golden Raspberry, she took it in her stride. We expect de Armas to handle the fall from grace in her stride, but we don’t think she’ll attend the awards night.

Movie odds have her at +350, as current even-money favorite Megan Fox is attracting attention. Also included in the list for worst actress is Salma Hayek and Helen Mirren. Spare a thought for Mirren to be included in this list.


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