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Hot Wheels Favorite Pick to Follow in Barbie’s Footsteps

Barbie was a massive success for the Mattel franchise at the box office, so now all eyes are on what’s next.

There are betting markets for the next Mattel movie to be released, and headlining our betting picks is Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels Favorite Pick to Follow in Barbie’s Footsteps
Tyler Reddick, driver #8 Cat Trial11:Hot Wheels Chevrolet-Meg Oliphant/Getty Images/AFP

On the second line of betting is Polly Pocket, which would be a popular pick on the heels of Barbie.

Projected 2025 Release

The latest Mattel movie predictions have Hot Wheels coming out in 2025, and that’s why it’s the front-runner to win.

Matchbox cars are coming to life, so it’s only a matter of whether they make another Mattel movie between now and then.

Given that a release year has already been confirmed, bettors should be happy with the +200 odds available at the sportsbook.

The other movies aren’t guaranteed to happen, and following on from Barbie, they might want to make a movie catering to young men instead.

Having JJ Abrams producing is another positive for the movie to be released. He doesn’t muck around.

For a long time, we were talking to Mattel about Hot Wheels, and we couldn’t quite find the thing that clicked, that made it worthy of what Hot Wheels—that title—deserved. Then we came up with something… emotional and grounded and gritty,Abrams said.

We can’t turn down the +200, which is an excellent price with betting online markets.



Polly Pocket Gathering Momentum

According to reports, Mattel has 45 movies listed to be released in the coming years.

In something you’d typically see from Marvel, Mattel has latched onto the success of Barbie and it’s running with it, and we don’t blame them.

Polly Pocket will be another feminist-centric movie likely to be written and directed by Lena Dunham. The Girls actress and writer has been controversial over the last few years, so it’s an interesting move.

However, say what you want about Dunham, she’s a talented writer.

Lily Collins is set to star in the film, which is a +250 chance with our sportsbook. The betting move is tough to overlook, and Mattel could look to push for a release in 2024, to capitalize on the post-Barbie audience.

If the odds continue to move, it could pay to pay more attention to the family comedy.

American Girl Best of the Rest

The latest Mattel news suggests American Girl could have a strong case of being released next.

American Girl is along the same lines as Barbie and Polly Pocket but targeted towards the United States audience, as the name suggests.

It was popular with young girls, especially because of its diversity. It featured dolls from eight to fourteen years old of various races, faiths, and social classes.

That sounds like something that would be very popular in 2024, so expect to see this movie being made in the next few years.

“American Girl is a beloved, story-driven franchise lending itself perfectly to a feature film,” said Ynon Kreiz, Mattel’s chairman and CEO.

Bettors get +500 for American Girl to be the next Mattel movie made, and although it doesn’t have a writer or star attached to it yet, it could happen quickly.


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