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New Zealand Film Headlines Best Picture Noms

Is the Best Picture award a foregone conclusion?

The Academy Awards celebrate the best films of the year and it’s a good chance for bettors to make some coin.

The sportsbook has odds for Best Picture, which could be a two-film race between Belfast and The Power of the Dog.

New Zealand Film Headlines Best Picture Noms
Rich Fury/Getty Images/AFP

There has been a renewed interest in the Oscars, so we look at where you should invest your money.

The Power of the Dog

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but “The Power of the Dog “was a powerful movie.

Criticized by some for being slow-moving, the New Zealand-based movie was a deep look into forbidden relationships.

It was directed by Jane Campion, who received critical acclaim for The Piano and Top of the Lake, so she’s already in favor with The Academy.

The Wellington-based director used excellent storytelling and cinematography to create what should be considered a masterpiece of modern cinema.

It didn’t have all the bells and whistles of a big Hollywood production, but the dialogue was captivating and it headlines the Oscars betting at the 2022 Academy Awards.

It’s currently -225 to win Best Picture and it’s tough to disagree with those odds. “The Power of the Dog” meets all the usual criteria of a Best Picture winner and it has already won at the Golden Globes.


Another international movie headlines the Oscars as “Belfast” is on the second line of betting at +250.

It’s a story about a working-class family in Northern Ireland, who were forced to live during some tumultuous times.

Directed by Kenneth Bragagh and featuring an all-star cast of Jamie Dornan and Judy Dench, “Belfast” is a drama, but it has bits of comedy throughout, unlike “The Power of the Dog.”

It wasn’t a huge box office success, earning $37.6 million so far, but given the current climate, it’s not a bad result.

Box office sales mean nothing to The Academy, so “Belfast” is a chance of scooping the top prize in what would be considered an upset.

Betting online markets are keeping close tabs on “Belfast” at +250 and those odds haven’t moved much.

West Side Story

“West Side Story: was a solid box office hit, which isn’t a surprise given that it’s directed by Steven Spielberg.

The adaptation takes a slightly more modern look at the West End classic, which continues in the vein of La La Land, which didn’t win Best Picture despite what Faye Dunaway said.

It’s a fine movie in its own right, but we’re not huge fans of remakes and we think The Academy prefers to reward original ideas.

It’s currently on the third line of betting at +1000, so it has attracted some attention.

Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro was taken with the complexity of some scenes.

“There are some of the dance number shots that are extremely (if not impossible) to decipher and almost all of them require brain-surgery levels of precision. I was elated from the purity of his audiovisual painting strokes,” del Toro told ScreenRant.

“If you attempt to really break down the tools and how he uses them – you have to do it in a second or third viewing. You feel like Salieri getting the Requiem dictation from Mozart: “Wait- wait- you’re going too fast!”

On that basis, “West Side Story: shouldn’t be overlooked as a winning contender.


“Dune” has earned 10 Oscar nominations, so it has to be considered a Best Picture hopeful.

The dystopian feature film was a massive box office success, earning $165 million, but it’s much more than a popcorn movie.

It’s not mindless action scenes and bad acting, like many dystopian films, so it warrants attention at odds of +2200.

Anything actor Timothee Chamalet touches turns to gold, so it should be taken into consideration when placing your Best Picture wagers.

We have little doubt it will come away with a few Oscars, and although it trails behind “The Power of the Dog,” “Belfast”
and “West Side Story,” stranger things have happened at the Oscars.


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