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Spicy Odds for Celebrity Guests: Will Taylor Swift Host “Hot Ones” Finale?

One of the best YouTube series around is Hot Ones, where host Sean Evans interviews celebrities while they eat hot sauce-covered chicken wings.

Personally having done the Hot Ones challenge at home, I can tell you it’s no joke, and I give credit to the celebs who can handle the heat.

Spicy Odds for Celebrity Guests: Will Taylor Swift Host “Hot Ones” Finale?
US singer and songwriter Taylor Swift - JEFF PACHOUD / AFP

Betting odds are available at BetUs sportsbook for the final guest on Season 24, and Taylor Swift our pick at +1600.


Taylor Swift Proving She’s Just Like Us

Celebrities like to pretend they’re just like us, but we know they live a much more lavish lifestyle. Swift is one of those celebs who doesn’t flash her money around but lives in a mansion most of us would only dream of.

But enough about Swift’s money, let’s talk about her chances of appearing as the final guest on Hot Ones.


The world’s biggest actors and musicians have appeared over the 23 seasons, and it’s about time Swift gave her fans something to cheer about. After dropping what can only be considered her worst album, she might look for a new audience, and eating hot wings is a good PR tactic.

It would give us a chance to laugh with Swift as she struggles to get past Da Bomb, which has ended the run for many before her. She’s set at a +1600 betting line to appear on the final episode, and stranger things have happened to the ‘tortured poet’.


Maya Rudolph Betting Favorite to Close Hot Ones Season

Maya Rudolph is a popular comedian, and she’s the clear +450 favorite to be the final guest of the season.



She doesn’t mind making fun of herself, and that’s what Hot Ones is really all about.

Evans asks excellent questions, and he’s about the best interviewer we have ever seen. However, as they eat more hot wings, credibility for the celebrity goes out the window. Coughing and spluttering are usually on the menu, and we would love to see how Rudolph reacts to the spicier sauces.

I mean, she was already on the show… kind of. As Beyonce for SNL


She’s the favorite for a reason, so include her in selections.


“The Other Kelce” a Surprising Betting Favorite

Jason Kelce is the +600 second favorite to appear on Hot Ones. He’s not the most famous Kelce, but sports fans would love to see the former Philadelphia Eagles center slam back some wings.

He’s one of the more interesting former NFL players, and we would love to see what questions Evans comes up with. We’re sure he’s got a few stories to tell about his time in the NFL, and he could provide some insight into the Kelce/Swift relationship.


Get Andy Samberg on the Show!

There has been a call for Andy Samberg to appear on Hot Ones, and I’m not sure what’s taking so long. The Lonely Island comedian is one of the funniest guys in Hollywood, and he’s made for Hot Ones, where he can use his over-the-top comedic style for good purposes.

The ‘I’m on a Boat’ rapper, who also headlined Brooklyn 99 following his time on SNL, would be the ideal guest.

You can take his +2000 odds to end Season 24 as the final guest, a line that’s not easy to overlook in the sportsbook. The First We Feast production team could end it with a bang, and Samberg could be one of the most viewed episodes of the year.



Odds and information are accurate at the time of writing. Please check with official sources for the latest updates before placing any bets.


Questions of the Day

What is the best Hot Ones Season 24 bet?

Taylor Swift to be the final guest on Hot Ones Season 24 pays +1600, so she’s the best bet.

What’s the chance of Andy Samberg appearing on Hot Ones?

Loyal fans of Hot Ones want to see Andy Samberg on the show, and he’s paying value odds to be the final guest on Season 24 at +2000.

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