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Time Person of the Year: Bet on Former Winners

The 2023 Time Person of the Year picks are in and it could pay to bet on the former winners.

2022 winner Volodymyr Zelensky is on the second line of betting at the sportsbook, but online betting markets is 2021 winner Elon Musk.

It looks like a two-man race, but there is always room for shock.

Musk Making Headlines

We’re not sure if Musk deserves to be called Person of the Year given the interesting year he has had, but there is confidence with Time Person of the Year predictions.

The controversial figure, who acquired Twitter, failed space missions, and picked fights with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, is the even-money favorite.

We no longer know what qualifies someone to win the award, but he has been confidently backed, and that has to be taken into consideration.

He won in 2021 for his efforts with Tesla and SpaceX, according to Time Magazine’s Edward Felsenthal.

“In deciding each December who should be Person of the Year, we look back but also aim to look forward,” he said.

“Bezos was the choice in 1999 when e-commerce was just beginning to take off. Zuckerberg was selected in 2010, well before it was clear what Facebook’s full effect on society and democracy would be. We don’t yet know how fully Tesla, SpaceX and the ventures Musk has yet to think up will change our lives”.

“At 50, he has plenty of time to write the future, his own and ours. Like it or not, we are now in Musk’s world.”

We’re still living in Musk’s world, but he hasn’t gained any popularity since 2021. If anything, his popularity has waned, but it’s enough to be the clear online betting favorite.

Back-to-Back for Ukraine’s Leader?

Zelensky won the honor in 2022, and according to the latest news, he has every chance to win again.

It’s not easy to win consecutive titles, but Ukraine’s leader is more deserving of it, considering what’s actually taking place.

Musk is a technology giant, but Zelensky’s job is about life and death, so we think he should be given consideration.

His odds have firmed to +125, which is a value pick. He has a big following around the world, and with the conflict still raging on, he’s the feel-good story.

Can Protestors Win?

Iran Protestors are on the fourth line of betting at +900, but is there a world where they can win?

Time Magazine is very much a US-centric publication, and there wasn’t much public support from the powers that be for the Iran protestors.

Having the odd B-grade celebrity make an Instagram post doesn’t quite cut it, and without a big push from world governments, the protests in Iran largely got swept under the radar.

However, our sportsbook is giving them a chance to win Time Person of the Year, and it could be deserved.

The protestors put their lives on the line to oppose a shocking social injustice, and many lost their lives. Agree with what’s happening or not, there was a lot more at stake for the Iran protestors than when Greta Thunberg protested climate change.

Thunberg won the Time Person of the Year in 2019, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

What on Earth?

Some wagering options make us laugh, including Taylor Swift, Joe Rogan, and Roman Reigns.

Whilst we heavily suggest not putting your hard-earned money on these people, there is an alternative universe where they could win.

Swift dominates the music scene, and although breakup songs aren’t changing the world, she’s a polarizing figure.

Joe Rogan’s podcast is one of the more fascinating things to watch, and although his opinions can be out of the box, he’s entertaining.

He’s also a quality and often hilarious UFC commentator, so for all the MMA fans out there, he’s our Time Person of the Year.

As for Reigns, we don’t think winning a scripted WWE title is a good enough reason to win – and yes, we welcome any hate mail from WWE fans.

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