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Twitter: The Elon Musk Effect

What Can We Expect From Musk’s New Twitter this Year?

Elon Musk Buys Twitter For $44B: The Lowdown

Twitter tried to play hard to get, but Elon Musk would not be denied as reports broke on Monday that he had purchased Twitter for a whopping $44 billion. The tech mogul best known for being the leading man in companies like Tesla, Inc., and SpaceX is the closest thing to a real-life “Tony Stark” if the fictional character had a proclivity for tweeting memes and stirring the pot online.

This buyout deal ends a weeklong back-and-forth that even had Twitter adopt a “poison pill” tactic to prevent Musk’s hostile takeover. Ultimately, the two sides met and came to an agreement. Twitter’s stock closed up 5.64 percent after it was halted for the news.

Twitter: The Elon Musk Effect
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Will We Finally Get that Darned ‘Edit’ Button this Year?

It certainly appears like one of the first agendas for Elon Musk is to add the ‘edit’ button on Twitter. After becoming Twitter’s largest shareholder, Musk tweeted a poll to his then-80 million twitter users if the platform should adopt the button. Out of 4.4 million votes, 73 percent voted ‘yes’ (typod at ‘yse’).

“The button” has been a longstanding issue among the users with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stating in the past that the platform would “never” adopt the feature. Twitter has even instigated its users by joking about it on April Fool’s Day.

Following Musk’s poll, Twitter got serious about “working on an edit button” and testing it among its paid users. The BetUS sportsbook predicts that Twitter will add the feature by December 31, 2022, with the odds at -2000 or roughly 89.5 percent probability.

What Will the Fallout Be Among Users?

Depending on where you look, Musk buying Twitter is either the best thing to happen or the worst thing to happen. From a financial perspective, this was a boon for the social media platform that had stagnated over the past nine years.

Musk has been highly successful in his ventures and his quirky genius combined with his ability to execute can only mean great things for Twitter and its users.

This may also come at a price. Musk has repeatedly gone on the platform tweeting about “freedom of speech” and users can only assume that with Musk now running things, the platform will “let the dogs out” so to speak.

Notorious for already having trolls and all kinds of extremists online, there is a fear among a good portion of the social media community that Musk will “uncensor” the platform and let everyone have their say.

Yes, this could mean the return of Donald Trump himself.

Will Donald Trump Return to Twitter by The End of 2022?

The former President of the United States was an avid tweeter and one of the platform’s “superstars” for a lack of a better word. Following the Capitol Hill insurgency, Trump was permanently banned from the platform after it appeared that he helped instigate the insurgents with several of his tweets.

For many, Trump’s ban was a long time coming. The outspoken and unfiltered “POTUS” would take to the platform to make crude and inflammatory statements. Many would argue it enabled trolls and extremists online so kicking him off the platform was for the better.

Will Musk’s new Twitter then remove the ban on Trump?

The BetUS sportsbook does not believe so, at least not this year. You can win eight times your wager (+800) if you bet on Donald Trump to tweet by December 31 of this year. That is roughly, a 10 percent chance it happens – per the betting odds. His chances of winning the GOP nomination are significantly better.

How Many Notable Entities Will Leave the “New” Twitter?

While we may see the return or resurface of some entities, several may also leave the platform. The New York Times is one of the more notable media giants that is taking Musk’s takeover as a negative. At least, one of their editors is as he wrote a scathing editorial attacking the tech billionaire’s purchase of the platform.

Listen, one editor’s outrage isn’t wholly reflective of the press as BetUS’s odds strongly indicate that the media company is not going anywhere. You will have to shell out $3,000 to win $100 to bet on the New York Times staying put, which indicates a nine-out-of-ten chance it will.

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