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Wednesday Mania : Uncovering Season 2’s Must-Bet Props

Wednesday, a Netflix adaptation of The Addams Family, took the world by storm last year, and it’s back for Season 2.

Entertainment betting odds are available for the show, where Jenna Ortega reprises her role as the title character.

Wednesday Mania : Uncovering Season 2's Must-Bet Props
Jenna Ortega/Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Lionsgate/AFP

It’s a great show, and because of the massive array of characters, betting markets are interesting.


Cameo From Cousin Itt

We would love to see a cameo appearance from Cousin Itt, who is a +200 chance with Wednesday betting odds to appear in Season 2.

The hairy character hasn’t been talked about so far in the show, but we think it will enter the fray at some point.

Of the Addams Family characters that haven’t appeared, Cousin Itt is the current favorite over Grandmama (+265) and Pubert (+550).

It’s a fair price for the hirsute being, who speaks in gibberish and would be a great addition for at least one episode.



Who’s the Stalker?

The plot of Season 1 was trying to figure out who was the killer, but there’s a new plot line for Season 2.

There is a stalker in the midst, and there are a host of chances with online betting markets as to who it could be.

Leading the way is Dr. Valerie Kinbott, who was more than suspicious in the opening season. There’s no doubt she has some secrets to share, and the sportsbook believes she’s a prime antagonist.

On the second line of betting is Principal Larissa Weems, and we can’t see that happening. Played by Gwendoline Christie of Game of Thrones fame, she was a sort of antihero character in Season 1, and we can’t see her being a stalker in Season 2.

She’s there to protect her students at all costs, and although her morals come into question, she’s too nice to be the stalker.

Our eyes are on Donovan Galpin, the wise-cracking sheriff, who knows more than he leads on.

Will Larissa Weems Live?

The final betting market for Wednesday Season 2 involves whether Larissa Weems lives or dies.

The principal is one of the main supporting characters and we can’t see her being killed off, but the odds suggest otherwise.

She is a -700 favorite to die, which seems short. There is much better value in her living at +400, even if there is a major plot twist in the works.

There is a possibility Wednesday could get close to Weems, and her death is a climactic plot point.


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