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Weezy F Baby Takes Over! Lil Wayne Tops Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds

Lil Wanye is the +250 favorite to headline Super Bowl LIX, which is held in New Orleans. He’s a local Louisianian, and the 41-year-old would provide NFL and casual fans with something enjoyable to watch.

Entertainment betting odds have Taylor Swift on the second line of betting at +300 and Justin Bieber shortening at +400.

Weezy F Baby Takes Over! Lil Wayne Tops Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds
Lil Wayne / Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images North America / Getty Images Via Afp


Dropping A Milli on Wayne

Our money is on Lil Wayne to headline the 2025 Super Bowl, and we weren’t surprised to see his name at the top of betting markets. The hitmaker, whose biggest songs include A Milli, Lollipop, and Fireman, is a sure-fire chance to headline.

He is one of the better crowd performers in the rapping industry, and we would much rather see Lil Wayne hyping his local crowd than see boring Drake stand there and monotone his way through a show.

Enough of the Drake hate for now, but with him lengthening in betting markets to +900, we think it’s safe to say he won’t be performing.

Having a local artist is always great for the live crowd at the Super Bowl. Those at home don’t care, but it adds another dynamic to the neutral sporting venue. One of the greatest rappers of all time, according to many, Lil Wayne is our top betting pick to be front and center in February.



Swifties Invade Super Bowl? Taylor +300 Halftime Bet

Taylor Swift now has her foot in the world of NFL, and the viewing numbers would be off the charts if she played at halftime.

Swifties would watch the Super Bowl halftime show in droves… and they have probably never seen one before. That would see viewership records get smashed, but the question remains as to whether she needs to do it.

Artists pay the NFL to perform, usually to promote a forthcoming album or a new tour, but Swift doesn’t need the publicity. However, imagine the headlines if Swift performed at a Super Bowl that involved boyfriend Travis Kelce.

That would require the Kansas City Chiefs to make another SB appearance, but as history suggests, that’s likely.

She’s set at a +300 betting line to perform, which isn’t a bad price. She’s also big in the south, so locals wouldn’t mind seeing her.


Is Justin Bieber Ready to Headline the Super Bowl?

It’s only a matter of time before Justin Bieber performs the Super Bowl halftime show, and 2025 could be his year. The controversial pop star has seemingly settled down and matured, and although his brand of music isn’t for everyone, he’s still a megastar.

The Canadian has a plethora of hits to sandwich into the limited time slot, and that’s key to any good halftime show. We would look forward to hearing the likes of Peaches, What Do You Mean, Beauty and a Beat, and teeny-bopper hit, Baby.

He didn’t want to perform with Usher at the 2024 Super Bowl, and we think it’s because he will headline his own show soon.

It didn’t work out with Justin,” Usher said. “I honor and recognize that my brother, I think that it might’ve been the fact that he’s just wanting to tell a different story right now. And I understand that.

We’re gonna do something else in the future.”


Post a Bet on Malone

Post Malone was born in New York, but his music resonates in New Orleans. The 28-year-old is one of the most underrated modern musicians, and that’s because he’s known for his autotuned rap.

However, give him a guitar and much better-written material, and he’s as good as anyone else out there.

Having performed with Dolly Parton at an Elvis tribute concert, and having covered Nirvana on a YouTube special, he’s diverse, and that’s great for a Super Bowl halftime show. He’ll ignite the crowd, and his odds have firmed to +500.

Backing Post Malone at +500 betting odds to perform at Super Bowl LIX might not be the worst idea.


Odds and information are accurate at the time of writing. Please check with official sources for the latest updates before placing any bets.



Questions of the Day

What is the best Super Bowl Halftime Show bet?

Lil Wayne at +250 is the best bet to perform at the Super Bowl LIX halftime show.

Who is the biggest underdog to perform at Super Bowl LIX?

Luke Bryan is at the longest odds to perform at Super Bowl LIX, with our sportsbook posting a +6000 price.

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