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100 Thieves and FURIA exit VCT Kickoff early

Sentinels defeated 100 Thieves 2-1 in the VCT 2024 Americas Kickoff group stages for a classic Americas clout encounter, while MIBR defeated FURIA 2-0 in the season’s first all-Brazil match. Sentinels and MIBR will go to play their group final. This implies that the first two teams eliminated from the 1st Americas event of 2024 are FURIA and 100 Thieves. Even though VALORANT players and fans are thrilled that the VCT is returning, after just 3 days of event play, some teams’ fan groups have lost all of their excitement. Teams like 100 Thieves had to play 2 competitive games, as little as 4 maps, due to the new VCT schedule before returning from a nearly 2-month hiatus. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!


100 Thieves team roster
100 Thieves team roster


Starting in 2024, all 11 teams in each region will compete in a double-elimination bracket instead of round robin play at the start of the season as part of the new VALORANT Kickoff tournament format. Sadly, this implies that teams that struggle to prepare from the start or have bad bracket matchups will only play 2 games in the season’s first split before hitting the road again following Masters Madrid in March. Following back-to-back defeats by Sentinels and Leviatán, 100T will be out till April. After their Monday loss to Sentinels, another American club, the team’s official social media account tweeted, expressing obvious frustration with the outcome. The schedule was another of the main grievances with the inaugural franchised VALORANT season in 2023, albeit for a slightly different reason. Teams were suffering from severe burnout, particularly elite squads like Fnatic and DRX that traveled to several international competitions in a single year.


Sentinels will play the losers of Leviatán and LOUD after this victory, with the victor moving on to the play-in round. Despite knowing that his squad was up against a strong group in this competition, new IGL Mohamed Amine “johnqt” Ouarid stood out among all the Sentinels players in their last map. As the match winners, MIBR are still in the competition and will need to win their next game in order to advance to the play-in round. In that case, they will play in a round-robin to earn a berth in the playoffs, where they will play in a single-elimination bracket to determine who will get to play in Masters Madrid. In contrast, FURIA will have to wait till Stage 1 starts in a few months to take on regional talent once more.


Since Kickoff didn’t start until late February and Champions ended in August, tier-one teams hadn’t participated in any formal competitions in nearly 6 months. Though it appears that everyone in the VALORANT universe thinks that a schedule change is necessary, 100T and FURIA will have to wait for the time being. Resuming on February 24, the VCT Americas Kickoff event will see NRG face off against Cloud9. Fans will have to wait and see how these teams can perform in the future and if they can turn things around for this coming year of Valorant competitive play. Don’t forget to bet on VALORANT at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino, as we have a plethora of valorant odds for you to enjoy!

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