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17-Year-Old CSGO Prodigy Appears In HLTV Top 20 Players Of 2022

m0nesy in the HLTV Top 20 players

Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov earns the 7th spot in the HLTV Top 20 players of the 2022 list thanks to a debut season marked by exceptional consistency, remarkable peaks, and lethal effectiveness against the best.

The Counter-Strike series originally caught the attention of m0NESY at a very young age. At the age of five, he booted up the game and started building the groundwork for his future career. The young Russian was motivated by witnessing his elder brother participate in local Counter-Strike 1.6 LAN tournaments. He frequently used his sibling’s absence from contests to clock his own gaming time on the home computer.

17-Year-Old CSGO Prodigy Appears In HLTV's Top 20 Players Of 2022
17-Year-Old CSGO Prodigy Appears In HLTV's Top 20 Players Of 2022

As the years passed, m0NESY continued to have a strong interest in Counter-Strike, but he had to fight for possession of the one accessible PC until the 10-year-old Russian was given a laptop in 2015. The next year, m0NESY made the most of his newly acquired gaming skills to advance through the rankings and finally obtain the coveted Global Elite badge, the top rank in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s matching system.

The Russian sharpshooter maintained his meteoric ascent up the Counter-Strike ladder into his teenage years. By the time he was 12 years old, he had switched to FACEIT’s internal matchmaking and had once more achieved the summit of the ranking pyramid, accumulating enough ELO to cross the peak level 10 threshold.

That said, these achievements weren’t attained without cost. Since his parents believed that CS:GO was just another video game with few opportunities to develop into a realistic job in the future, they forced him to turn off his computer and go for walks, but still, m0NESY managed to play for 10 to 12 hours a day.

m0nesy holding the 2022 BLAST Premier World Final MVP award
m0nesy holding the 2022 BLAST Premier World Final MVP award

The Top 20 ranking of 2022 places m0NESY at No. 7 because of his outstanding skill-floor in each event performance. The Russian player had an outstanding year-long record, finishing with the tenth-highest rating at 1.17, and even his poor showings at IEM Dallas and IEM Cologne were still respectable, above-average efforts (1.06).

These individual achievements turned out to be the catalyst for G2 to make four deep runs throughout the year and even go on to win a Big Event trophy at the BLAST World Final at the conclusion of the year. For his efforts, the 17-year-old was notable for earning an MVP and two EVPs. He also came very close to winning further EVP awards at the PGL Antwerp Major and the BLAST Premier Fall Final.

His top-ten ranking is also significantly influenced by the fact that he consistently put up strong performances while competing in the major tournaments of the year and against the hardest competition. m0NESY had a superb 1.22 rating over 35 maps versus top-five opponents in addition to a remarkable 1.17 rating on average across the four Elite Events he took part in.

Additionally, m0NESY was among the most influential CSGO athletes in the world in a number of different categories. He had the seventh-best K-D ratio (+572), the eighth-lowest deaths per round, the greatest opening kill success rate in the world (when compared to those with above-average attempts), and the highest opening kill success rate overall (0.59).

Because more of his higher-ranked contemporaries outperformed him individually, m0NESY missed out on more individual accolades compared to the players above him, which prevented him from moving up the list. In Big Matches, he had a rating of 1.11, which was not bad but was simply surpassed by players who finished higher.

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