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2022 MSI: Europe Reigns Over North America, while LATAM and PCS Remain Winless

It’s the second day of the MSI and things are looking grim for two of the teams playing in the event. LATAM dropped their game against the LCK kings T1, and although a win for Korea was expected, Team Aze looked completely lost in what ended up being the shortest game of the tournament.

On the other hand, the PCS representatives PSG Talon haven’t been able to pick up a single win and they are now at the bottom of the standings in group B. While a 0-2 start for LATAM was expected, this definitely was not the case for the PCS team, as they’ve been able to pick up more than a couple of wins in prior international events.

2022 MSI: Europe Reigns Over North America, while LATAM and PCS Remain Winless
2022 MSI: Europe Reigns Over North America, while LATAM and PCS Remain Winless

If we look over at group C, Europe is having a blast as they are lossless in their 3-team group. LCO’s Order hasn’t won a single time, but unluckily for them, this was the expected result for them in this group. Evil Geniuses already fell down twice to G2 Esports, making things look really bad for North American fans.

Team Aze is The Worst Performing Team in The Event So Far

We have to be completely honest, Team Aze is looking way worse than what we expected. Although now in hindsight, we may have had a few indicators of this coming if we look back at what happened in the LLA.

After promoting to the LLA in their first split ever, Team Aze completely revamped their roster, not keeping a single one of their original members. They also had a player role-swap from top-lane into the support role, and although we saw him perform over the expectations, he had a lot of issues regarding the laning phase and the early game in general.

Team Aze didn’t have the best results during the regular season, they were even really close to missing the playoffs. But in the last couple of weeks, they managed to score a couple of wins, giving them a safe spot in 2nd place. The rest of the teams expected to perform completely dropped the ball and ended up knocking each other out while Team Aze had a blast in the upper bracket.

A lot of their problems are becoming more and more obvious in their first international event. Team Aze is clearly struggling to get any leads in the early game and this is mostly because they are not used to faster-paced games, as that type of game was extremely rare in the LLA.

Brazil Can Still Make it Out of Their Group

After taking down PSG Talon on the opening day of the event, Red Canids gave a lot of hope to the Brazilian fans. Against the lol odds, They defeated the PCS representative in such a way, that it was almost impossible to believe Red Canids was this good of a team.

Gabriel Vinicius “Aegis” Saes de Lemos had a stellar performance on his Wukong pick, and Gabriel “Jojo” Dzelme de Oliveira completely dominated the teamfights. Red Canids were looking good, in fact, way too good to be true. Now after day 2, things might be a bit more clear for the group B participants.

Red Canids had to take down Istanbul Wildcats to show supremacy in their group, but we had an unexpected result. Although the game wasn’t leaning towards anyone, around the 15-minute mark, the Turkish team managed to get a significant lead over Brazil. But Red Canids was not going to give up easily, they made a significant comeback, unluckily for them, they dropped the ball and the Wildcats were able to close out the game at the 28-minute mark with a 3.1k gold lead.

This loss might make much more sense if we look at how PSG Talon performed during day 2. Maybe the only reason Red Canids had such a dominating game against the PCS representative is that they basically had no opponent, and many lol betting experts agree on this. PSG Talon is having 0 presence in the early game and they might end up going winless in this tournament if they don’t switch things up.

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