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2022 Was A Great Year For CSGO Rookies

The inception of the WePlay Academy League in 2021 was of great importance for the CSGO competitive scene. Some of the best organizations in the world put together academy rosters and all of these players got to go head-to-head in a LAN environment set up by WePlay.

Thanks to the exposure they got playing in WePlay’s academy leagues, several youngsters made their way into the top teams after playing a few AL editions and proving their talent, or were transferred to other organizations so they could fulfill their dream of playing tier one CSGO.

Pavel "s1ren" Ogloblin, player for Team Secret
Pavel "s1ren" Ogloblin, player for Team Secret

s1ren – Team Spirit

Pavel “s1ren” Ogloblin, a 20-year-old Russian rifle, helped Team Spirit improve as soon as he was promoted from Spirit Academy in February 2022. S1ren helped his team finish in the top four at the PGL Major in Antwerp, in a rather ashen race, and achieved a similar result at the IEM Major in Rio, where Spirit finished in the top eight. He is one of the players worth keeping a close eye on next year, as Spirit’s project looks more exciting than ever.

torzsi – MOUZ

Hungarian sharpshooter Ádám “torzsi” Torzsás played an important role in the organization’s 2022 restructuring, as he was the first MOUZ NXT star to get a shot at the first team. His flashy AWPing style caught everyone’s attention at first, but later on, it seems that teams either learned to play torzsi or he failed to adapt.

Be that as it may, he averaged a 1.10 rating this year according to HLTV, which is more than you would expect from a rookie playing against tier one teams all the time. Handling AWP is no easy task and fans will expect Torzsi to come alive when MOUZ needs his firepower in big games.

w0nderful – Team Spirit

Ihor “w0nderful” Zhdanov is a recent addition to the Spirit squad, joining in June after the organization sold its former degster AWPer to OG. It’s safe to say that the young player had a lot of pressure on him, as degster was one of the main characters of the team, but it became clear really fast that such pressure didn’t affect him at all.

The 17-year-old Ukrainian had good scores in all the tournaments he has attended with Spirit so far, according to HLTV, and was their best player by far at the IEM Rio Major (1.20 score in the legends and champions stage), helping them reach the quarterfinals of the $1.25 million event.

m0NESY – G2 Esports

Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov, player for G2
Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, player for G2

What is it about the CIS region that produces high-quality AWPers all the time? After what m0NESY did in the WePlay Academy League during 2021, everyone knew it would make the jump to CS:GO tier one in 2022. Instead of waiting for a chance with Natus Vincere, the Russian star joined G2 Esports to add even more firepower to the squad.

Unfortunately, all he got at the beginning of 2022 was a runner-up finish at IEM Katowice, the first S-level event of the year. G2 only got worse after that and even the arrivals of HooXi and jks after the player hiatus were not enough to fix the team, as G2 ended up missing the IEM Rio Major. Later, G2 won the last high-level event of the year, the BLAST Premier World Final, where he was granted the MVP award, cementing a great year for m0nesy and his team.

Despite all the chaos in the G2 camp, m0NESY averaged a 1.16 rating in 2022, according to HLTV, and we can only imagine what he is capable of if the team improves and gives him better support to focus on his individual game.

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