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9Pandas release Antares

Unexpectedly, 9Pandas, a dominant force in Eastern Europe, has announced a significant lineup change. The squad announced that Vladislav “Antares” Kertman, its position 4 player, is leaving the team as the Elite League draws near. On March 27, the organization’s official Telegram channel revealed this surprising news to the supporters, prompting many to hypothesize about the timing and motivations behind this choice. Check out this information and more of our articles to help your dota 2 betting adventures!

9Pandas formally declared on Telegram on March 27, 2024, that it was ending its relationship with Antares, its long-standing position four support. The announcement said that Antares and the other members of the team had reached a consensual decision to split, suggesting that there were no animosities between them. The group used the occasion to thank Antares for his tenure with the group, emphasizing in particular his experience with legendary heroes like Techies, Skywrath Mage, and Rubick. 9Pandas stressed in their release the value of team unity and the rigorous process that will be involved in choosing a new position four support.The player himself reaffirmed to the club’s management that the decision was mutual. Antares revealed his intentions to play pub games during his time off from competitive Dota 2. Furthermore, the esports athlete isn’t searching for a new squad right now.

9Pandas release Antares
Antares with now former team 9Pandas

The time is running out for 9Pandas to reveal their new roster, since the Elite League begins on March 31st. This competition is anticipated to serve as a testing ground for the team’s new roster arrangement, putting their ability to work together and adjust strategically in a high-pressure setting to the test. Regarding Antares, he will continue to compete professionally in the Dota 2 esports arena after leaving 9Pandas. The company made a suggestion that he would still be performing professionally, just under a different name. Antares is expected to compete at the greatest level and contribute his special talents to a new squad.

Antares made a statement about this departure, in the statement he said: “Last season was the best of my life. I met so many nice people along my way. I want to express my great respect to Lekha and Gleb, who gave me a lot in terms of Dota and just trivially in terms of social skills. Thank you very much to the organization and people who tried to help me develop as a player. I love all.”

Since the team’s founding, Antares has been a pillar of support for 9Pandas, helping the group establish itself in a number of competitions. Even though he didn’t win any, his efforts helped the squad qualify for the forthcoming Elite League and earn a seat at The International 2023. His departure signifies the end of an era for 9Pandas, but it also ushers in a new phase as they look to find a player to take Antares’ place. The 9Pandas have a fantastic opportunity to debut their updated lineup in the Elite League. The stakes are extremely high, with 24 teams fighting for supremacy and an incredible prize pool of $960,000,000. Entity will be 9Pandas’ first opponent in the Swiss stage, and both fans and pundits will surely be watching this match intently.

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