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All You Need To Know About The 2023 LPL Summer Split

We’ll be going over all you need to know in front of the LPL 2023 Summer Split now that the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is finished. The teams will be the same as in the prior split, although significant roster changes at the mid-season break will unavoidably change the teams’ values moving forward.

2023 LPL Summer Split Roster Changes

Fans enjoyed watching Invictus Gaming’s  success at the start of the LPL spring split since they got to see YSKM’s ascent. Unfortunately, the team lost some games as the split went on, and in the end they were not able to make the playoffs. On May 23, IG revealed their new roster, featuring Cryin in the mid lane with two rookies from their academy team, xiaoyueji and Tianzehn.

All You Need To Know About The 2023 LPL Summer Split
JDG seen celebrating after winning the 2023 MSI

For the upcoming split, LGD will experience two significant adjustments. Fear will reappear after Xiaoxu has left. The hiring of Envyy, who had previously played for Liiv SANDBOX in Spring, is, nevertheless, the most intriguing. Although it might not help LGD become a playoff team, they will have a better chance of competing in the middle of the pack.

We could say that LNG is the victor of the mid-season break. With GALA joining the team, LNG are appearing to be a top-tier squad, and given the outcomes of the most recent split, LNG ought to be competing for the championship among other powerhouse teams like JDG. Having said that, it will be interesting to observe how the team changes as a result of GALA and whether they can duplicate their stellar regular spring split.

Chen “GALA” Wei, ADC for LNG

For WE, only one roster change was made during this off-season break: top laner Cube replaced the departing Biubiu, a previous member of Rare Atom. Even though it isn’t a big improvement, Team WE will benefit from the move. If the team is able to jump higher than expected, only time will tell. The split’s official roster is listed below.

Ultra Prime had an extremely bad split in spring and finished last in the standings despite having some of the former greats like baolan and Ning. Given the outcomes, it is not surprise that there have been some roster adjustments: Forge will now start as the mid laner, and SwordArt will take baolan’s spot as the support.

2023 LPL Summer Split Schedule

The first significant region to begin its competition will be the LPL Summer Split. Beginning on May 29, the 17 teams engage in a single round robin of matches, all of which are played in the Bo3 format.

Although the final date has not yet been determined, given the size of the league, it is most likely to last until July. The Chinese League has the largest playoff bracket of any region in the world, therefore it will probably take more time for them to choose the teams that will compete at the Worlds in 2023.

Not to mention that, like the LCK, the LPL also has Regional Finals, which selects the final two Worlds seeding. The Regional Finals will most likely take place in August (exact date to be determined) based on prior competitions.

As per usual, you can watch the whole 2023 LPL Summer Split on the official YouTube and Twitch feeds. Given the growth of co-streams in 2023, co-streamers for the forthcoming split (yet to be revealed) are likely to exist as well.

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