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All you need to know before the 2023 LEC Summer Split starts

The community is starting to get excited, as the LEC is officially coming back for their 2023 Summer Split edition on June 17th, with Riot Games providing official confirmation on the date.

The regular season of the EMEA League of Legends tournament is set to start with an incredible series between Team Vitality and MAD Lions, the current defending champions. However it doesn’t stop there, with the 1st day of the summer split also showcasing a head to head matchup between G2 Esports and Team BDS, the latter who were extremely close to grabbing the title last split.

All you need to know before the 2023 LEC Summer Split starts
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This time around all organizations have their entire attention on one thing, World Championship qualification. With stakes even higher than before, all 10 LEC squads will square off in the summer split to push their rankings and hopefully achieve the ultimate goal, a trip out of Berlin for the chance to grab the Worlds trophy.

This journey will start June 17th, with fans able to watch 2 playoff rematches, however they will need to wait a little bit longer to see a rematch of the previous grand finals. The current title holders MAD Lions have the toughest start to the season out of all organizations, with them fighting Vitality, G2, and KOI in the first 3 fixtures of the regular season.

Of course top squads are not the only ones with an objective this summer split, as in the other end of the table we have squads such as Excel and Team Heretics. Both of these organizations are in the hunt to prove to both the fans and the community that they have what it takes to battle against the best squads in the EMEA region. Heretics stumbled throughout the season, however they managed to show glimpses of talent from their veteran players in a couple of their previous matches. As for Excel, sadly the UK based organization didn’t show much promise throughout the entirety of the season.

The first couple of fixtures of the 2023 LEC Summer Split promises to be exciting for fans, including a plethora of highly anticipated matchups between top tier teams plus opportunities at redemption for those that have yet to show what they are truly made of. This year’s LEC format changes have showcased dynasties crumbling left and right, with the new fast paced environment changing the entire dynamic around the league.

No more stomps coming from a single squad throughout the season, no obvious predictions, and definitely a plethora of upsets coming our way. This 2023 LEC Summer Split promises to be an exciting tournament for the community to keep their eyes on.

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