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Anubis rises in popularity at CS GO’s last official Major

Anubis, the last map added for CS GO‘s last official competitive map pool, has seamlessly risen from dead bottom in popularity to one of the most played in professional play going into the later stages of the BLAST Paris Major. A plethora of teams have recently invested time figuring out the ins and outs of the map, with one player making the most out of it, karrigan. In a recent interview, FaZe’s in-game leader shared his thoughts on why Anubis has become a Tier 1 map out of nowhere for the competitive scene.

Taking a look at the past, Anubis was only picked 8.2% throughout the last 3 months of competitive play, but had a massive surge in popularity at the BLAST Paris Major. A total of 100 games have been played in the French Major as of right now, and Anubis’s pick rate sits at a comfortable 13%. Karrigan mainly suggests the reasoning behind this unexpected change is pretty simple, knowledge and comfortability.

Anubis rises in popularity at CS GO’s last official Major
CS GO map Anubis

Karrigan via interview with HLTV on May 16th:

“A lot of pro teams have been looking at tier two, I watch a lot of tier two demos because they play the map frequently, every single day, and in tier one you don’t get to play too many tournaments so risking Anubis is dangerous” “I’m watching a lot of demos and starting to get a good feeling. It allows very aggressive moves, but you also have to respect the late round of the Ts. Plus, if they get mid you have to re-fight areas. It’s definitely a very interesting map and I like how it’s developing right now. At the beginning it was very T-sided, I remember winning 14-1 against Vitality and then losing 1-14 after, but nowadays I feel like it’s more CT-sided as people understand how to play the map.”

Anubis’ style of play provides a plethora of aggressive options, and it definitely delivered this idea in what most think was the best match of the whole tournament, FaZe versus Natus Vincere. In the recent do or die lower bracket matchup between both sides, FaZe looked more comfortable when it came to Anubis, however the sheer talent from NAVI’s roster forced the veterans into a double overtime affair to decide their fate in the competition. Ultimately FaZe’s knowledge of the map exposed gaps in the Ukrainian squad, and were able to keep their hopes alive at the BLAST Paris Major. FaZe bounced back from a 9-15 scoreline by the second half and pushed their way back into the series after an incredible CT side display.

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