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Aspas Comes in Clutch for LOUD against ZETA Division in VCT Champions

After Paper Rex was officially sent home earlier in the Group A decider series at VCT Champions 2022, two giants in their regions were set to battle it out for the last playoff spot from Group B.

ZETA DIVISION and LOUD have been game changers of VALORANT in Japan and Brazil respectively, and absolutely came into VCT Champions with some of the most passionate fan bases of the tournament. These two teams already played in one of the starting games of VCT Champions, which was actually a rather easy victory for LOUD that time around.

Aspas Comes in Clutch for LOUD against ZETA Division in VCT Champions 2022
Erick "aspas" Santos, player for LOUD

Throughout the tournament so far, there has been a clear regional difference in performance. The teams from both EMEA and APAC unexpectedly performed rather badly, with the last APAC team now officially out of the tournament and EMEA barely holding on to the next stage of VCT Champions. On the other side of the spectrum, the teams based from the Americas looked extremely strong on all series played until this point.

And this time around, the same results continued. LOUD managed to stabilize with an important win over ZETA Division, defeating the Japanese team with a 2-0 scoreline and advancing on to the playoffs stage. ZETA Division’s 2022 season sadly ends after this loss, as the last Asian based team left in the tournament is now Korean representative DRX.

Beginning on ZETA’s map choice of Bind, the team immediately picked a double duelist focused team. These kinds of compositions were extremely popular mainly for aggressive teams early on in the VCT last year, however as of right now, most meta choices have looked to pot for 2 sentinels and 2 controllers in order to set up control around the map. Starting Bind on the defense side, the double duelist composition was quite unexpected.

Aspas Comes in Clutch for LOUD against ZETA Division in VCT Champions 2022
LOUD after their victory over ZETA Division

The score at the halfway point was even at 7-5. ZETA managed to take the pistol round on their defense, then sadly began to stumble as LOUD started to pressure them in the rifle rounds. It was clear that ZETA came in with a plan to use the two duelists to the fullest, but LOUD was able to sustain the aggression. Aspas came in clutch for LOUD, easily dispatching ZETA with his trademark Raze. Though ZETA managed to keep some rounds under their belt, LOUD ultimately took Bind 13-11.

Ascent continued with LOUD pushing forward with the previous game’s momentum. However this time around, the game was not even close for ZETA. Aspas simply was too good coming into this series. Once he switched to the defense side, ZETA weren’t able to win a single attack round. At last, LOUD took their map pick Ascent 13-5 extremely quickly, and the series 2-0.

Looking into the next possible opponents for LOUD, the Brazilian representatives will have to adapt against North American based OpTic, who have been a pebble in LOUD’s shoe for quite some time. LOUD will battle against favorites Leviatán on September 9th at 9am CT to start the playoff stage of the event. Don’t forget to bet on esports at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino. We’ve plenty of CSGO odds for you to consider.

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