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Aspas Sets VCT Kill Record

Sentinels was defeated 2-0 by Leviatán at VCT 2024 Americas Stage 1. Aspas’s post-match interview generated attention as he recorded 47 kills on the Lotus map, breaking the previous record for the most kills on a single map in LAN competitions. Six overtimes were played on the Lotus map in the thrilling encounter between Sentinels, the Masters Madrid winners, and Leviatán, who prevailed 19–17. With 47 kills, 19 fatalities, and an amazing performance, Aspas broke the previous record for the most kills on a single map in LAN competitions. After that, Leviatán defeated Sentinels 2-0 on the Icebox map with a score of 13-11. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!

Aspas began his honorable career as a player for LOUD, where he established himself as one of the world’s top duelists. Even though they were successful under Saadhak’s direction, Aspas made the decision to move to Leviatan in the hopes of creating the next Juggernaut. The new Leviatan roster was regarded as the best Americas roster on paper, if all the resources remained intact. In contrast, the squad did not live up to expectations at VCT Americas Kickoff, its maiden competition. Additionally, Leviatan lost their first-round match versus Cloud9, a far inferior squad, in the ongoing Champions Tour: Americas Stage 1. Aspas had a 1.41 rating in that game, but the team was unable to muster enough points to win. Leviatan was eliminated in the VCT Americas Kickoff by the Sentinels. TenZ and associates went on to win both the VCT Masters Madrid and the entire Kickoff competition, becoming world champions. The Sentinels were overwhelming favorites over the Leviatan squad going into the game, but Aspas had a point.

aspas sets VCT kill record
aspas with Leviatan

One of the best games in the history of professional Valorant turned out to be the first map of the series. With their offensive clicking right away, Leviatan jumped up to an early 9-1 lead in the contest. Aspas was receiving frag after frag and had already earned a KDA of 13/3/1. Sentinels could, however, gather leftovers and recover the half, 9-3. The Sentinels won the first 3 of the 2nd half’s rounds, but Leviatan took the next two to put them within striking distance of the victory, 11–6. The Brazilian Duelist was 23/7/1 after Round 17. Even though he finished with 30 kills in regulation, the Sentinels still had a chance to rally and force the 12-12. Six overtimes were the result. Aspas started to demonstrate his abilities, winning the map against the Sentinels with 17 kills in 12 overtime rounds. In summary, he finished the map with a rating of 1.80, a KDR of 2.47, and a 47/19/6. The previous record of 42 kills in a single map was surpassed by Yuma “Dep” Hashimoto of ZETA Division.

Aspas’s 47 kills broke the record, making it the day’s major highlight. Although he was crowned the world’s greatest duelist, the Brazilian has not had much luck lately. It’s wonderful to see him back and showcasing his abilities to the world.

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