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Astralis bench BlameF

After failing to qualify for the Major, Astralis, one of the most recognizable teams in the Counter-Strike scene, has made the unexpected decision to bench Benjamin “blameF” Bremer, their in-game leader (IGL). As part of their continuous attempts to rebuild the squad and take back the top spot in the competitive esports industry, Astralis has made this announcement. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

Astralis’ Director of Sports, Kasper Straube, acknowledged that it was a difficult choice to make in light of blameF’s commitment and diligence. It was accepted that although he was one of the most diligent players in the league, his leadership hadn’t brought the club the stability they needed. The choice to bench blameF was made strategically to reassess responsibilities within the team, not because of his abilities or dedication. The company is considering the sale of blameF as a result of Straube’s emphasis on the need for stability and the ideal balance of player positions. Right now, the main goal is to match players’ positions to their strengths in order to maximize team performance. Astralis is dedicated to upholding greater standards, and they think Casper Due’s addition to the coaching staff will be crucial to accomplishing these objectives. While praising blameF’s efforts, Straube also states that he thinks blameF will flourish in the correct setting.

Astralis bench BlameF
BlameF competing on stage for Astralis

With its storied roster core, Astralis was the defending 3-time champion heading into the COVID-19 pandemic-induced sabbatical from CS Majors. However, Astralis experienced a slew of squad changes and declining Major League performance beginning in 2021. They didn’t even qualify for the playoffs at PGL Stockholm and PGL Antwerp, and they haven’t done well at the 3 Majors since. In addition to the Major difficulties, Astralis has suffered a little bit in the public’s perception over the past few years. This is partly because of decisions like the controversial addition of former Heroic players Stavn and Jabbi and the hiring of coach HUNDEN, who was previously banned.


blameF, who signed a contract with Astralis in September 2023 and will call the team “home” until the end of 2025, has been the only member of the roster to remain consistent since 2021 during the team’s numerous rebuilds. His benching has a “sale in mind,” according to the company. blameF produced 3 top 20 finishes, 1 MVP, and an average rating of 1.23 while playing for Astralis during a difficult 3-year period for the squad as a whole. After Lukas “⁠gla1ve⁠” Rossander was benched in the summer of 2023, the Dane even assumed leadership responsibilities during games. This tactic appeared to be successful as Astralis finished in the top 4 of IEM Cologne.

The CS community is now anxiously awaiting the strategic decisions Astralis makes in putting together a group of people who are skilled individuals who work well together. Although blameF’s potential departure signifies the end of an era for the squad, it also presents fresh options and possibilities for the group as a whole as well as for the gifted player. The narrative of Astralis is far from finished, and its next chapter looks to be one of success and atonement.

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