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Azure Ray is left without Somnus, Chalice and fy

After the trio veteran left, Azure Ray revealed their new Dota 2 roster. Yang “Chalice” Shenyi, Xu “fy” Linsen, and Lu “Somnus” Yao will be replaced by new players after they all made the decision to leave the group. Check out this information on the Azure Ray roster changes and more of our articles to help your dota 2 betting adventures!

With a roster centered around the renowned Chinese midlaner Somnus, who was making his competitive comeback after a five-month “retirement,” Azure Ray joined Dota in May. He was accompanied on this endeavor by veteran players and previous teammates Chalice and fy, who also decided to forgo receiving a regular salary for the course of the season.

Azure Ray is left without Somnus, Chalice and fy
Somnus competing for LGD

The three made a last-minute, seemingly careless attempt to return to the scene, despite having been absent for months. They took a chance and willingly played for Azure Ray despite not getting paid. Their good fortune carried them farther than anyone had predicted.

Through the difficult Chinese qualifier, Azure Ray not only made it into The International 12, but they also placed among the top 4 teams in the competition. This is an amazing accomplishment for a team that was assembled so quickly. Even though they had an impressive run, Azure Ray will be using a new roster as the trio decides to stop competing once again.

Anything can happen to this legendary trio going forward, given that Somnus was essentially retired until the very end of the Dota Pro Circuit and the group was primarily playing for fun and excitement. In addition to expressing hope that they will remain united to contend for the Aegis in 2024, fans are also pointing out that, with the exception of a few teams like Xtreme Gaming, the majority of the major Chinese teams have already reorganized their rosters since TI12.

One player, fy, discussed his reasons for choosing to step away from the competitive scene once more. According to fy, the owner of Azure Rays wanted him to keep playing. However, he came to the conclusion that he couldn’t pursue a streaming career and a professional career at the same time.

We can anticipate that the explanation for Somnus and Chalice’s departure will resemble fy’s, even though it isn’t given. It is true that both players are involved in the streaming setting. The Dota 2 scene in China has a thriving streaming culture, which many consider to be equally lucrative as a professional career and it’s a very alluring offer with a lot less strain and anxiety.

Since Xm and XinQ are leaving XG’s lineup, there are now 4 open spots, which supports the initial XG rumors about AR’s former core. Additionally, it appears that Xm is acting like Somnus and not getting paid. The team has decided to keep Lou and 天命, and former Team Aster offlaner Xxs will be joining the group along with previous Vici Gaming coach Liekkas. It’s uncertain how this lineup change will affect the team’s capacity to compete or if it will lead to them being replaced by another squad.

On December 11, the new Azure Ray roster will be competing fiercely in the $1 million ESL One Kuala Lumpur.

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