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Bad News Eagles and Stikle – decide to look for separate paths for their future

Albanian native CS GO head coach Klesti “stikle-” Kola is set to cut ties with Bad News Eagles after being part of the qualification run for two Major championships in 2022. There have been some rumors going around that Devilwalk, who won one Major title before as a player and another one as a coach for Fnatic, is looking to join Bad News Eagles after he was scouted practicing with the Kosovar-based team.

Stikle who announced he was leaving via a social media statement, has been by the side of Bad News Eagles players since they started under the Team BL!NK banner in 2021. He will not be a part of the organization for the 2023 season after having “different visions and aspirations” (as said by Stikle-) on next steps for the team while also looking to take care of his physical health, which was taken aback after all the stress and workload the team went through during this successful 2022 season.

Bad News Eagles 2022 roster
Bad News Eagles 2022 roster

Stikle was a part of the roster as a head coach, manager, and social media manager however after some time host and interviewer James Banks decided to join the project and took over the managerial responsibilities for the organization.

Stikle  stated via social media:

We have grown together and achieved what some thought was impossible, but this doesn’t mean it’s the end for either of us

Bad News Eagles managed to qualify for PGL Antwerp Major and IEM Rio Major in 2022 without having any support from an actual organization and reached the Legends Stage for both tournaments, completing the incredible task of eliminating FaZe Clan in Rio de Janeiro last month.

While stikle– is set to leave Bad News Eagles and moving forward to take care of his health, his main suggested possible replacement Devilwalk is currently looking for a home as a full free agent. The Swedish coach cut ties with FunPlus Phoenix back in October 2021 and has worked as an analyst at a couple of different CS GO tournaments this year, including PGL Antwerp Major around May.

Devilwalk as a veteran is one of the most experienced names in the CS GO competitive scene, having won the first edition of the CS GO Major at DreamHack Winter 2013 a the time being a part of Fnatic as a player and later at the helm for Fnatic to win ESL One Cologne Major in 2015 as a head coach. He’s still the only competitive key piece to have won both a CS GO Major as a player and as a coach.

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