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BcJ set to sign with M80 ahead of VALORANT VCT 2024

Following their triumphant victory at VALORANT Champions 2023, Evil Geniuses’ offseason has been met with some controversy surrounding contractual situations. Despite uncertainty surrounding the organization’s championship roster for 2024, the first piece has already left with one of EG’s key players deciding to change squads for next year. Keep reading for the best information on esports bets!

Star initiator and former EG starting member BcJ is ready to join the Challengers team M80, potentially finalizing their starting lineup, as reported by journalist Max “Purest” Katz. This development comes one month after reports indicated that nitr0 is also set to join the grenade squad, an incredibly surprising decision following his abrupt departure from Counter Strike.

BcJ set to sign with M80 ahead of VALORANT VCT 2024
Evil Geniuses former player BcJ

Regarding BcJ, he will transition from tier one VALORANT to tier two, while aligning himself with a team that has already established itself as a frontrunner for the Ascension competition. BcJ quickly gained recognition in the competitive scene thanks to his participation under XSET in VALORANT, having joined the team barely by the end of 2021. He was a pivotal member of the XSET squad that competed against fan favorite opponents such as Sentinels, 100 Thieves, and Cloud 9, with the aim of representing North America at the highest level of competition in the international stage.

BcJ and XSET made a significant impact in the NA VALORANT scene by defeating OpTic Gaming at Stage 2 Challengers in 2022, thereby securing their position at VALORANT Champions. Despite being absolute underdogs, they embarked on an almost impossible journey before ultimately losing to the eventual Copenhagen champions, FunPlus Phoenix, in the lower bracket quarterfinals of the tournament.

BcJ’s main role as the team’s initiator, significantly impacted their overall performance, regardless of his fraggin contribution statistics. Initiators are crucial players who are sent first in order to gather as much information as possible, irrespective of whether they are on the offensive or defensive side.

Amidst the escalating drama leading up to the Champions event, BcJ confidently asserted himself as the premier initiator in the world. His exceptional performance at Champions definitely helped his bold claim, although the team’s narrow defeat to FPX ultimately marked the end of their international campaign. Despite the roster’s certain demise due to Riot Games partnership program, BcJ’s success led to his signing with Evil Geniuses, where he emerged as one of their key players this year.

M80 is currently poised to make a strong push towards VALORANT franchising with their potential starting roster consisting of BcJ, nitr0, NiSMO, Zander, and koalanoob. The team is determined to replicate their previous success and finally secure a spot in the highly competitive VALORANT Tier 1 scene.

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