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BDS reverse sweeps PSG Talon and claims LoL Worlds 2023 swiss stage ticket

Team BDS delivered an inspiring upset in the final showdown of the 2023 League of Legends World Championship play-in stage, completely dismantling PCS’ top ranked team, PSG Talon, in a breathtaking reverse sweep series. For the best lol worlds predictions information, check out our breakdown on Team BDS’ reverse sweep.

The previous five game series of this stage was an absolute spectacle of unwavering determination, rapid adaptability, and unrelenting perseverance that had fans both in attendance and watching from home on the edge of their seats. The play-ins stage of the Worlds was set for an epic finale, and the second match of the day did not disappoint. PSG Talon, who had remained undefeated until this series, went head to head against the LEC’s 4th seed, promising an intense and thrilling showdown for fans. A good result was needed for both squads in order to secure qualification to the swiss stage, while the loser’s journey at Worlds would come to an abrupt end.

BDS reverse sweeps PSG Talon and claims LoL Worlds 2023 swiss stage ticket
BDS bot laner Crownie

PSG Talon has undeniably established themselves as an unstoppable force in this event, displaying team fighting skills, correct planning, and unpredictable drafting. They have undoubtedly emerged as the most refined and polished team in this event. On the other side, BDS encountered a rough start, succumbing against Team Whales in their initial match. However, they rebounded immediately, showcasing their unwavering resilience by securing a triumph over DetonatioN FocusMe.

However, the initial games of the series showcased PSG Talon effortlessly securing a 2-0 lead, with fans witnessing an unparalleled level of dominance that made them seem almost invincible. Nevertheless, in a stunning turn of events, BDS orchestrated an extraordinary comeback in the third game and further. The fourth game showcased BDS’s comfort picks at their finest, as they commanded the lead early and achieved a swift and decisive victory, putting things even at 2-2. Then the iconic Silver Scrapes theme music came on, a tune that resonates deeply within the hearts of League fans worldwide.

The last game of the series was an intense and thrilling experience from the very beginning, as BDS was finally able to pick Darius for Adam during the draft stage. Despite a plethora of pressure, the European team maintained their momentum from their previous two victories, mainly thanks to their strong solo lanes and ganks from Sheo. However, PSG Talon remained composed and executed a single play that shifted the game slightly in their favor, ultimately taking the Baron and putting BDS on the defensive.

Even after PSG Talon managed to demolish two of BDS’s inhibitors, BDS stood strong, turning every teamfight into a positive outcome. It was during one of these pivotal skirmishes that BDS completely outplayed PSG Talon ultimately secured their victory, completing an impressive reverse sweep.

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