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BIG go back to German roster

BIG made a big squad change when they were unable to secure a spot in the European RMR. Mateusz “mantuu” Wilczewski and Elias “s1n” Stein are leaving, but Florian “syrsoN” Rische is returning, and Jon “JDC” de Castro have joined to complete the German lineup. After 00NATION made their international squad public, the two new Germans became available. Their status change could not have arrived at a better time for a BIG side that has had a very terrible start to 2024. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

At the Closed Qualifier stage of the Copenhagen Major cycle, Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz and company were eliminated, and in the final bracket shootout for a BLAST Spring Final spot, they were heartbroken to lose to Astralis. The team is fortunate to have 3-time Academy League champion JDC and two-time online MVP syrsoN join them. With syrsoN returning to German communication, the team can now compete in the largely international CS2 environment.

BIG go back to German roster
New BIG member, syrsoN, competing on stage

The necessity for change has been brought to light by BIG’s recent difficulties, which include an early departure from the Copenhagen Major cycle and a close loss to Astralis in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups. The group aims to stabilize itself in the very competitive CS:GO scene. The return of syrsoN, who restored the team’s native language dynamics, is made possible by the departure of mantuu, whose signing encouraged BIG to switch to English communication. In addition, JDC, a former MOUZ anchor, takes over for S1n when he steps down. Additionally, this is syrsoN’s second spell at BIG; he left the team in February of 2023.

BIG recently announced that they were saying goodbye to their beloved teammate, Mantuu, after appreciating his outstanding accomplishments and elite talent while he was employed by the company. Mantuu has demonstrated during his tenure on the squad that he is not only a superb player but also an invaluable team member who embodies professionalism and dedication. The group thanked Mantuu for his services and wished him luck in his future undertakings, recognizing his exceptional performance and teamwork.

BIG hopes to make a big impression in future competitions and regain their position as contenders on the global scene with the new team in place. An important turning point in their journey is when they start communicating in German again. With the addition of syrsoN and JDC, the team is ready to take on the upcoming challenges with unity and renewed vigor.

Experience and fresh skill are mixed together in this new group. The team’s seasoned players, TabseN and SyrsoN, who have demonstrated their capacity to compete at the greatest level, are now paired with rookie JDC and younger players, Prosus and Krimbo. Experienced gob b, who is renowned for his profound strategic grasp of the game, will lead the coaching staff. The roster adjustments coincide with a critical juncture for BIG, who aim to take back the top spot in the CS2 standings. With new players joining the squad, BIG is anticipated to return to the top of the international standings.

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