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BIG parts ways with gob b

BIG declared that gob b has left his position as their Counter-Strike 2 team’s head coach. He was one of the team’s founders in 2017, and he experienced numerous phases of the team’s career. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

He held roles as a CS and Valorant player, manager, coach, and team staff, demonstrating his adaptability from player to coach across numerous games. Following BIG’s underwhelming performance in the ESL Pro League Season 19, which was hosted in Malta and saw them place 13–16, the decision was made to let him go.

BIG parts ways with gob b
BIG parts ways with gob b


Various positions in the scene

Since 2017, the German 6th man has proudly flown the BIG flag. He was actually one of its founding members and served as both a player and a coach, representing the group on the global scene. As a participant, “gob b” went to four majors and qualified for the playoffs twice, at FACEIT Major in 2018 and PGL Major Krakow in 2017. Despite having switched to Valorant in 2020, he eventually came back to BIG as head coach two years later, and the squad won the Roobet Cup 2022, which has been his lone championship with the team since.

BIG has not lived up to expectations since he started working there, showing inconsistent outcomes all around. As such, the squad made several roster changes this season, but all of them were ineffective and resulted in no advancement. The group claims that the ESL Pro League was the catalyst for the move. where the squad lost to G2 Esports in the round of 16, thereby eliminating them from the competition.


His comments

Since they had completed the previous tournament’s minimum goal and Gob B was actively planning and preparing for the next, this choice came as a surprise to him. However, the majority of players disapproved of his candidacy and made the decision. This is how he responded to it from his perspective: Since I was asked to return, I have dedicated all of my attention to growing our staff. In spite of the challenging situations and choices, I always made the best use of the tools at hand, working with the players to meet and occasionally beyond goals. We achieved our final objective, which was to qualify for the EPL playoffs. Knowing this, I started making additional plans and assessments right away, so I was taken aback when the majority of the players started these adjustments.

The two parties’ lengthy connection comes to an end with this. Fans also expect to see Fatih back with a new squad soon, even if it will take him some time to heal and process his emotions.


Next page for BIG

Assistant coach Kakafu will replace him ahead of the upcoming IEM Dallas 2024. It’s unclear if he plans to work as a full-time coach in the future.

BIG’s first game at IEM Dallas 2024 will take place in the upper bracket quarterfinals of Group B vs NAVI. Given that he was a vital member of BIG’s lineup, his absence might have a big effect on the group’s success. This increases the audience’s interest in watching BIG’s matches.Keep an eye on all of our content as we’ll be covering all the action Counter Strike has to offer. Don’t forget to bet on your favorite teams at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino, as we have a plethora of CS2 odds for you to enjoy!

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