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Bjergsen Rises Against Competition in the Top 10 Best LCS Players of All Time


The NA LCS organization continued to celebrate its 10th season with an honorary list looking for the top 10 players in the history of the NA LCS up to date. At the very top of the list was current Team Liquid mid lane and NA LCS veteran Bjergsen, who was ultimately placed as the best player of the NA LCS’ first 10 years running. All the members participating in the list were voted upon by a panel of experts made of LCS known personalities, affiliates, and third party media members usually seen within the competitive scene.

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Søren Bjerg, mid laner for Team Liquid
Søren Bjerg, mid laner for Team Liquid

Bjergsen made his LCS debut all the way back in 2014 with TSM and has played in almost every season of the NA LCS existence. In 2021, he decided to take a one year hiatus from competitive playing to try his hands at coaching TSM’s LCS team, before then ultimately stepping away from the organization as a whole. While being part of TSM, Bjergsen won a total of six LCS titles, while also leading them to the quarterfinals of the World Championship in 2014 the highest the organization has achieved in the Worlds stage.

Coming into this season, Bjergsen was just one game away from qualifying for another possible appearance at Worlds now with Team Liquid. Right under Bjergsen on the NA LCS all time list is one of Bjergsen’s ex TSM teammates, a household name Doublelift. Doublelift won a total of eight LCS ranging from 2015 all the way to 2020, missing out on only one title in just three seasons during that playing stint. No other player in the NA LCS’ history has been able to match or win that amount of titles in such a short amount of playing time.

Evil Geniuses top lane main Impact, ex Team Liquid jungle main Xmithie, and current Cloud 9 mid lane main Jensen completed the upper five places in the bracket. In total, six still active players in the competitive scene are on the NA LCS all time top 10 list, in addition to of course four currently retired players. The only out of competition players in the top 10 are ex Cloud 9 mid lane main Hai, former Cloud 9 bot lane main Sneaky, Doublelift, and Xmithie. The community was apprehensive at first, however, it seems everyone came into agreement that the list itself is extremely accurate and well put together.

The list was heavily researched over the course of the last couple of months and was released looking into the 2022 LCS Championship. The Summer Split playoff stage will have its conclusion on Sunday, September 11th, when the NA LCS declares its next champion. Cloud 9 have already secured themselves a spot in the grand finals after an incredible run through the playoffs’ upper stage. Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves will battle it out on Saturday, September 10th to see who will continue to face Cloud 9. Make sure to check out our league of legends bets as we’ll be covering the last week of the 2022 LCS Championship.

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