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BLAST Premier format changes

The format of the grand finals in BLAST’s main Counter-Strike 2 events will be significantly altered, according to the well-known tournament operator. Teams will play a best-of-five format beginning in the 2024 season to decide the winner. The BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024, BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2024, and BLAST Premier: World Final 2024 will all follow this departure from the customary best-of-3 format. There are no clear explanations for the format change, and it is unknown if this rule will be kept in place until 2025 or later. The CS2 community is feeling both excited and curious about the announcement from BLAST. The length and intensity of the championship matches are also called into question, even though the expanded format offers more in-depth confrontations and opportunities for teams to demonstrate their toughness and deeper strategy. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

The CS2 tournament organizer, BLAST, stated on April 18 that bo5e finals will now be included in their events. The change was made in response to the recent tier one event finals being far too brief. The PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major final between Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan lasted approximately two and a half hours, despite being a full best-of-three match. It took less than 2 hours for FaZe to overcome MOUZ in the IEM Chengdu 2024 final. Consequently, players and spectators worldwide have been pleading with tournament directors to add BO5 finals in order to lengthen the matchups. Many people believe that a grand final that lasts less than two hours is uninteresting and unenthusiastic, which is frequently the case when series end 2-0. Given that CS2 games are in an MR12 format rather than MR15 like CS:GO, this adjustment makes a lot of sense. In addition, teams force buys more frequently in shorter matches, which increases game dynamics. Making the finals BO5 makes perfect sense in the absence of any modifications from Valve. Supporters applaud BLAST’s choice and are now hoping that other important event planners would do the same. One response said, “This is what we wanted, now it’s your turn, ESL.”

BLAST Premier format changes
BLAST Premier past stage and trophy

It is recommended that fans avoid scheduling anything on Sundays because the prolonged battles will offer a full day of excellent CS:GO activity. The inaugural tournament featuring this new format is scheduled for June 12–16 in London, UK, and is called BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024. Eight top teams will compete for a substantial $425,000 prize fund, adding another chapter to the illustrious history of the BLAST event. A cornerstone of competitive Counter-Strike, the BLAST Premier series is always looking for new methods to up the game’s spectacle and difficulty. Only time will tell if this new format is a one-season experiment or a hit with viewers. As the BLAST Premier season of 2024 develops, stay tuned for more information.

The BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 is slated to start in London on June 12th, which is still over two months away. Thus, it will take some time before all the fans witness a BO5 CS2 final.

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