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BNE disbands pro team

The days of the Bad News Eagles are finished. On Friday, May 24, the Kosovan project that garnered attention in the most recent issue of Counter-Strike Majors dissolved. The announcement of Guild Esports’ decision to stop sponsoring the Bad News Eagles squad according to a mutual agreement coincides with the release of the news. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

The rifler Rigon “⁠rigoN⁠” Gashi announced that he is searching for a new team as soon as Guild made the announcement. Two of his former teammates, Flatron “juanflatroo” Halimi and Genc “gxx-” Kolgeci, made similar remarks.

BNE disbands pro team
rigoN on stage playing for BNE


GUILD parts ways with them

GUILD Esports and the Kosovan team announced their mutual separation at the same time. Additionally, their future in the Counter-Strike 2 esport is still unknown in the absence of any additional remarks from the organization. With an unconventional approach to play and a compelling underdog narrative, BNE won over fans’ hearts and peaked in popularity. As a result, in November 2023, the British group GUILD scooped them up.

Sadly, the squad’s progress in Counter-Strike 2 was hindered by their inability to find their footing, and things eventually went south. “rigoN,” the first member of the Kosovan squad to go, posted a moving farewell on X, sharing his final thoughts.


Their best performances

Appearing under the moniker “Bad News Eagles,” the Kosovan team shot to prominence in 2022 when they advanced from the open qualifier to the Legends Stage of the PGL Major in Antwerp. They proceeded to play two more majors, IEM Rio, where they notably defeated FaZe in a group stage elimination match, and BLAST.tv Paris. They were known for their dramatic outbursts in critical situations.

The squad became the Guild Eagles after signing with GUILD in November 2023, however they were unsuccessful in their attempts to establish themselves with the British group. A squad that is renowned for outperforming in pivotal moments on the open circuit but underperforming in colder environments, like online play, where they have recently spent the most of their time struggling with poor results, was dealt a serious setback by missing the PGL Major in Copenhagen at the beginning of the year.

Despite having no organizational backing, they were easy to relate to as underdogs and attracted supporters from all around the world for continuing to qualify for Majors. Interestingly enough, since PGL Antwerp Major, the only Major they have missed was the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major in March 2024—that is, when they were still a part of Guild Esports and had access to greater resources.

After three years of playing together, this lineup had reached the majors three times, all without the organization; yet, they were not able to stay in the majors after signing. The players made a significant announcement: they would no longer be playing together, and everyone will go out and find a team on their own.

Even while fans will continue to keep an eye on these individuals on other teams, the dissolution of this team means that we have lost another regional team, which is probably a bad thing for the increasing popularity of international projects.

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