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Boom Esports releases 3 players from roster after promising start – Dota 2

BOOM Esports’ Dota 2 squad has lost 3 players in a matter of four days as the organization said goodbye to JaCkky, TIMS, and skem.

With the signing of Jackky back in February 2022, BOOM came swinging into the SEA Dota 2 competitive scene. As a team, they placed first and second respectively in the last 2 DPC events. On top of that, BOOM was also top of the table in the first DPC tour, it was easy to see the squad was having a breakout season together.

Boom Esports releases 3 players from roster after promising start - Dota 2
Boom Esports releases 3 players from roster after promising start - Dota 2

BOOM managed to attend every single major last season, but their regional performance didn’t carry over to the biggest international stage in Dota 2. The team still found success winning the GAMERS GALAXY: Invitational Series Dubai, statistics-wise making them one of the most successful teams going into The International 2022.

Similar to the previous majors, BOOM definitely struggled to find their mojo at The International 11, and sadly stayed at the bottom of the table during the group stage. The community considered the team to be out of the tournament just with a couple of games played until they did what was almost impossible to achieve.

Even after having a 1.4 percent chance of making it out of the group stage, BOOM was able to break all odds as they beat Evil Geniuses, the most dominant team in the group stage, to force a tiebreaker. BOOM came out on top of the tiebreakers and even managed to upset The International 10 champions, Team Spirit, on the main stage of the event, however, the magical run was over after that series.

Just a couple of weeks after The International 11 ended, several BOOM players stated via the social media platform Twitter their desire to look for new opportunities and even their ability to relocate to a completely different region for the 2023 DPC season. A successful Dota 2 run in their home region ultimately was not enough to keep BOOM together as a team. Neither the organization nor their former players have announced their plans going into the 2023 DPC season at the moment, however, it is important to keep in mind the players showed great potential during last season, and as such most likely it won’t take them long to find a new home

Currently, only Yopaj and Fbz officially remain at BOOM, nevertheless, Yopaj might also be just one step away from exiting the organization as he also stated his desire to explore other options.

Something is certain, this Dota 2 offseason is shaping up to be one if not the most unpredictable one, where teams are releasing entire rosters to build from the ground up.

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