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Bottom of the barrel, LCS teams with nothing to lose in the 2023 LCS Summer Split

After discussions between the LCSPA and Riot Games, both parties were able to achieve a middle ground in order to let the 2023 LCS Summer Split start once again. Thus all players are more than ready to prove their worth in the Rift to hopefully grab a seat in Worlds 2023.

Most of the NA organizations opted to change their rosters coming into the new split, with only 2 teams staying together since the last split, Golden Guardians and Cloud 9. Outside of these 2, all rosters throughout the North American league changed their rosters with free agent signings, trades, and in some cases retirement.

Bottom of the barrel, LCS teams with nothing to lose in the 2023 LCS Summer Split
TSM Wildturtle winning season back in 2020

With the LCS starting on June 14th, we analyzed 3 teams that sadly are expected to be at the bottom of the table this time around. However only time will tell if they will be able to surprise everyone and play above expectations.

A single win was the difference between Immortals and last place in the Spring Split, with fans expecting the organization to make a complete roster overhaul for the Summer Split. Nevertheless, the only current confirmed change is the signing of LEC support Treatz to the main roster, who has not played a competitive game since August 2022. After looking at the current roster and going by their result in last season, we expect Immortals to finish last in the 2023 Summer Split.

This is a tough one, after owner Reginald confirmed back in May TSM will be moving to a different tier 1 region, most fans expected the organization to fill the roster with whatever was available at the time. They absolutely did just that, however interestingly enough the roster has what it takes to be a mid table team if they manage to play well together. Once a legendary organization, TSM has slowly but surely fallen down the table in the last 3 years. For the Summer Split they have resigned familiar faces in the form of top laner Hauntzer and bot laner Wildturtle, plus the Korean duo of jungler Bugi and newly signed mid laner Ruby. TSM’s faithful will hope to see them at least in the mid section of the table before they say goodbye to the NA region.


The most surprising result in recent LCS history, last split saw Dignitas finish last place with a roster filled with veterans, after finishing with a 3-15 record. Names such as Santorin, Armut, and Jensen signed with the black and yellow organization, however they did not fare well together. A lack of synergy and proactivity made Dignitas a slow paced squad which normally got ran over in the early game by most teams. For the 2023 Summer Split, Dignitas signed ex Heroes of the Storm superstar Lee “Rich” Jae-won, but fans believe this will not be enough to have faith in the roster. If Dignitas does not manage to get a head start early in the split, fans might as well say goodbye to the playoffs yet again.

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