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Can Flamie Still Perform At The Top Level?

There’s no need to introduce Egor “Flamie” Vasilyev; he’s already won 15 medals at Big Events and been named to HLTV’s top 20 Player of the Year lists twice. Despite his great resume, he hasn’t been in the top 20 since 2016, and his last title was in 2020.

After more than six years with Natus Vincere, the 26-year-old was cut in 2021 and eventually filled in with the team’s youth squad during the WePlay Academy League. He then joined the 1WIN roster, although his time with the Aleksei “NickelBack” Trofimov-led team was cut short as well. The Russian rifleman eventually became obscure.

Can Flamie Still Perform At The Top Level?
(PHOTO) Egor "Flamie" Vasilyev, player for CYBERSHOKE

At the PARI Dunav Party in Belgrade, Serbia, flamie captained a team of young players competing under the CYBERSHOKE banner in their first-ever LAN event.

The 26-year-old isn’t just helping the squad out with their first LAN debut; it’s also his comeback to competitive play. His last tournament was the IEM Rio Major RMR, which he played in with 1WIN. I really enjoy playing on a local area network. Of course, it’s not on the same scale as a global LAN; it’s more akin to a regional LAN—specifically, a LAN in Russia.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many Russian players have visited Belgrade; flamie’s familiarity with the city is an asset when discussing his plans to attend the PARI Dunav Party. “It feels great,” he adds. “I was living here for like nine months, so I’m kind of adapted to the city and I like it.

Can Flamie Still Perform At The Top Level?While many seasoned players have stepped up to serve as IGLs, flamie has followed a different path by becoming more of a mentor overall. “I’m playing support roles,” flamie says. As someone who has participated in a great number of LAN events, I feel confident in offering them some words of wisdom. I believe that I can be of greater use off the field, while I can still contribute to the areas of improvement on the field.

flamie was in a good mood and praised his teammates after their opening loss to Virtus.pro at the PARI Dunav Party. There’s a lot of work to be done and a lot of things to talk about, so it’ll take some time.

We are still just a collection of individuals who have yet to gel into a cohesive one. They’re all 17, and some of them only started playing CS a couple of years ago, so I think they have a lot of potential“. Flamie remarked gleefully, “So in two years, they’re already playing with me.

He hopes to compete in major tournaments again in the future, and he said he plans to do so with his current team. If nothing out of the norm happens, I plan on continuing to play with this squad and returning for CS2 in the hopes of gaining a new lease of life.

His prior work expertise should prove useful in CS2. He also finds that the different hitbox in CS2 makes shooting a little bit simpler. It’s always exciting to begin a new chapter with a fresh cast of characters, despite the fact that this will be an entirely new game with numerous changes.

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