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Chinese Dota 2 teams classify to Lima Major, however one has cheating allegations

The 2023 Dota Pro Circuit hosted in China started with a lot of controversy including teams closing doors and several retirements. However, even after losing quite a lot of talent, the Chinese Dota 2 region has been able to survive throughout the chaos and provide the 2 best teams their spot for the Lima Major.

The latest version of PSG.LGD and Team Aster have been able to secure their place for the major, plus a third team that has been in several headlines however for the wrong reasons. Team Knights, a team who was accused of allegedly match fixing back in January, has also qualified for the Lima Major, making the community question how and when Valve will communicate the results of their investigation.

PSG.LGD player at TI11
PSG.LGD player at TI11

Team Knights’ previous scandal showcased massive accuracy in countering wards and rather unorthodox movements around the map, all of this was later picked up by a caster within the league. As a result of the allegations, Perfect World, the organizer for the Chinese Dota 2 Pro Circuit, finished their own internal investigation and provided all findings directly to Valve, for them to take a look at.

As of the moment, Valve has yet to make an official statement regarding Team Knights’ situation and their position within the Dota 2 Pro Circuit, however after the team actually qualified for the Lima Major, Valve might have to state their findings rather soon. If the accusations turn out to be true, Team Knights’ players will most likely get permanently banned from all the ongoing and future Valve official or sponsored competitions, which on paper is roughly 99% of the events within the Dota 2 competitive environment.

While the Team Knights situation is still in the shadows, LGD pleased the worrisome fans by taking their respective spot in the Lima Major. A team of their caliber is always expected to participate in Majors, however without Faith_Bian and Ame, the Dota 2 community did not exactly know how LGD were gonna perform this time around, but the DPC season finished with the coveted Major spot as usual for the organization.

As of the moment, only one seed remains up for grabs within the 4th spot in the Chinese Dota 2 league. A total of 3 teams are still in the race for it:

  • Xtreme Gaming
  • Invictus Gaming

All of these teams are in the lookout for their competition going into the first South American hosted Major in Lima, Peru. With North America looking strong, and EMEA shaking their inconsistencies, the Chinese region will have to improve and show why they used to be title contenders a couple of years ago.

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