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CLG reportedly set to close doors, allegedly selling League of Legends LCS spot

Counter Logic Gaming are reportedly set to close doors as an operating esports organization throughout the year, with massive layoffs allegedly about to happen in the company later this week, first reported by League of Legends journalist Travis Gafford. The unexpected news came in April, with the main focus being CLG selling all of their esports divisions, with particular interest in their League of Legends LCS franchise spot.

Members of the North American esports organization have reportedly been advised that layoffs are set to start at CLG around this week’s Thursday.

CLG team badge
CLG team badge

CLG will maintain their 2023 League of Legends squad and compete in the LCS for the time being, however the selling off the coveted and pricey LCS franchise spot is being worked on by the higher ups. The organization most likely ready to purchase CLG’s spot at the moment is Los Angeles based company NRG Esports. NRG used to be a member of the LCS during the 2016 split, with them currently also owning a franchise spot Riot Games’ tactical shooter title VALORANT, with them participating in the VCT Americas VALORANT competition.

Rumors started to spread soon after the community started to speculate that fellow old school organization, TSM, might be looking at offers for their own LCS franchise slot while moving out of the esports scene. As of the moment no information or confirmation has been stated by TSM on the matter.

CLG and TSM are 2 of the oldest organizations in League of Legends’ competitive scene, with them being the only sides to play every single LCS season since its conception. Both companies started in a similar manner, with previous captains retiring to take a managerial spot in the organization, Reginald for TSM and HotshotGG for CLG.

Although it is still rather unclear at the moment of writing where this turn of events all started from, it is likely the decision is being made by CLG’s parent company, the New York based Madison Square Garden company (information shared via Gafford’s report).

Earlier in the week, Dot Esports (journalism website) received a comment from a spokesperson working under the Madison Square Garden company stating the following:

“While changes like this are always difficult, we are streamlining CLG’s operations to better position the company for long-term success, and are also currently exploring strategic alternatives for the business.”

The community is saddened by the situation, with Counter Logic Gaming being a mainstream name, especially for League of Legends, throughout most years of the esports scene. As of the moment of writing, no further news or statements have been published by CLG.

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